Foster sits at top of table at Collingrove

At speed: Derek Foster took top position in the last meeting, going under 30 seconds. Photo - Peter Knights
At speed: Derek Foster took top position in the last meeting, going under 30 seconds. Photo - Peter Knights

A group of 73  enthusiastic drivers were greeted with ideal conditions for the second round of the Collingrove Challenge Trophy for Multi Club competition on Sunday, June 3.

The hillclimbers were enthusiastic, with some drivers travelling from Beachport, Quorn and Naracoorte to compete.

The usual eclectic array of cars enjoyed nine competitive runs and these resulted in the setting of many best times with some drivers scoring multiple personal bests, although no records were broken.

Collingrove was at its picture-perfect best, being well presented by its hard-working committee and with the well trained volunteers.

The meeting ran with clock-like precision.

One highlight  was the emergence as a hillclimber of Harrison Bishop, having excelled at the previous meeting as a course commentator.

"Harry", who had just turned 14 years old six days before the event, had helped prepare an elderly, though still lively, Ford Laser, setting a time of 44.0 secs in his first run.

During subsequent runs, he reduced his time to 40.37 seconds.

In the day's final result he finished 61st overall and second in his class, a most commendable result for his first effort.

Bishop has had four years experience as a go-karter and this year is competing in the Victorian State Country Series.

Over four rounds in the country series he has met larger fields and more robust competition and he has been able to qualify and finish in the midfield.

Despite the ideal conditions, no new records were set during the day.

It was a good day out for the junior drivers, such as Harry Bishop and his great effort of setting his best time of 40.36 seconds, Chloe Langcake did a 41.92 in a Subaru WRX with Danielle Cannon also in a Subaru WRX scoring 44.36. 

Great to see them  honing their skills in the safe and controlled conditions of the Collingrove Hill with caring mentors.

The next meeting at the Collingrove Hillclimb will be on Sunday, July 1, when the third round of the Winter Cup Competition will be run.

John Davies at speed. Photo by Peter Knights

John Davies at speed. Photo by Peter Knights

The top ten times of the day went to:

1. Derek Foster White Suzuki 29.79 secs

2. Alan Foster White Suzuki 31.01

3. John Davies Mitsubishi Evo 8 32.86

4. Gavin Farley Mitsubishi Evo 7 33.30

5. Paul Keen Mitsubishi Evo 7 34.23

6. Martin Radford Mitsubishi Evo 7 34.90

7. Alex Wilson Audi A4 34.94

8. David Harris Subaru WRX 35.48

9. Dale Martens Mitsubishi Evo 8 35.67

10. Andre Roodenrys Mitsubishi Evo 7 35.71