Single vehicle road crash at Kalbeeba

The fatal car crash at Kalbeeba which claimed the life of a young man early Saturday morning is now a reminder to all motorists to drive to the conditions of the road, not always to the speed limit.

The call made by Gawler Police comes after they and emergency crews responded to the single vehicle accident on Balmoral Road at about 1.40am.

Reports were received from the public that a Ford sedan had left the road and hit a stobie pole.

Sadly, the driver, a 23-year-old Kalbeeba man died at the scene.

“It’s a horrible loss to a young man’s life and to his family and friends,” Gawler Police senior sergeant Lou Costello said.

He explained how the death also affects the emergency crews who respond.

“We are also mothers and fathers and aunties and uncles who are affected by this loss,” he said.

Senior sergeant Costello, with SA Police, continue to urge all motorists to drive to the conditions of the road, especially with a change in the weather such as increased rains.

“This reminder is for any road and in any weather – dry or slippery,” he said.

He encourages motorists to self assess all roads traveled on and to slow down when there is fog or rain.

“The signed speed limit maybe at times unsafe, so drive to your own ability – you just need to think,” he added.

The weekend’s fatality follows a series of crashes along the same stretch including a car hitting a tree on December 21 where a female passenger sustained serious injuries and later died in hospital.

According to the Motor Accident Commission, Balmoral Road, Kalbeeba, comes under the care, control and management of the Barossa Council.

Balmoral Road, Kalbeeba comes under the care, control and management of the Barossa Council.

Following a request from the Barossa Council to review the speed limit along Balmoral Road, DPTI provided the Barossa Council with the endorsed authorisations for an 80 km/h speed limit to replace the General Rural Speed Limit of 100 km/h limit, between Calton Road at Kalbeeba and Davies Road at Sandy Creek, on May 4, 2012.

In 2014-15, under the MAC road safety fund allocated to local government councils, $484,649 was provided to the Barossa Council to carry out road safety improvements on Balmoral Road.

Works such as road side hazard protection, removal of trees, culvert extension at various locations, shoulder sealing on curves with audio tactile line markings, improved signage and delineation, vegetation trimming, lighting upgrade and minor geometry improvements were undertaken.

Between 2012 and 2016 on Balmoral Road, between Calton Road and Williamstown Road, Kaleeba, there has been 16 reported casualty crashes resulting in one fatality, three serious injuries and 13 minor injuries.

In 2017, there has been one reported fatality, zero reported serious injuries and two reported minor injuries to the end of the year (preliminary data may be subject to change).

2018 data is limited to fatality crash data only. There has been one reported fatality up until May 20, 2018.

The man’s death takes the state’s road toll to 31, compared with 28 at this time last year.