Internet down for 12 days

Mt Pleasants residents have been without internet for about two weeks after an issue at the Tanunda Telephone Exchange.

Sometime on April 27, residents using ADSL lost connection and waited 11 days for it to be restored.

Telstra originally beleived there was an issue at the Mt Pleasant Telephone Exchange however it was later identified that there was a hardware issue at Tanunda.

A part was ordered from interstate which delayed the process.

This is the second time that residents have been without internet after an ADSL outage affected the area in February.

Cheryl Farinola was affected during both outages and said it was a “frustrating” experience.

Her husband Dave is an IT Specialist and usually works from home, while Mrs Farinola studies through online correspondence.

“This particular outage, I got a two week extension on my work and that two weeks started at the time the internet went down,” Mrs Farionla said.

“I had 11 or 12 days without internet needing to watch lectures and things online so that impacted me quite a lot.

“It was frustrating more than anything else, once the internet came on I had three days to do everything I needed to do to put my assignment in.”

Schubert MP Stephan Knoll said his office was contacted a number of times by residents experiencing issues.

“In one instance, a business essentially stopped trade as it was unable to conduct its necessary daily activities,” Mr Knoll said.

“We contacted Telstra (and the ombudsman) on several residents’ behalf, and were pleased to hear services had resumed last week.

“I understand how frustrating it must be for Mount Pleasant residents to have these ongoing internet issues.

“To be without an internet connection for two weeks in February, and then again for a further extended period in April/May, is a significant inconvenience for not only businesses but also individuals.

Telstra South Australian General Manager Mark Bolton said the company would monitor the situation.

“Telstra apologises for any inconvenience caused during this time. We will continue to monitor the service to ensure it continues to operate effectively over the next few weeks.”