This weeks hockey action.

Challenge: Am United's Daniel Wall and Tanunda's Jack Bentley tussle for the ball. Photo: Jess Supple.
Challenge: Am United's Daniel Wall and Tanunda's Jack Bentley tussle for the ball. Photo: Jess Supple.

Well, my old peepers are not what they once were, nor my moustachios the glorious crown of single-block colour they were, but what a difference a week makes! (With a slight nod in the direction of Bruce the Magnificient.)

Johnny and Bart were nearly crossing swords in the need to protect against this foreign matter of wet stuff falling from the sky - which was definitely a sight for sore eyes and a boon for the garden. If only the tail-enders would finish their vintages so I can call for more of this stuff to fall with impunity!

Last week we were sweltering and having to take breaks to protect our wonderful players and this week we were sheltering from the rain! Marvellous stuff and wonderful!

And haven't the Commonwealth Games been a display of all things Aussie this week...from the wonderful displays of talent in the pool and field to - of course - our boys and girls taking on our rivals over the ditch in the most wonderful sport in the world and coming up one apiece with no shame on either sides to be had. They were wonderful displays of the fast, fierce game that hockey has become. Knowlesy has bowed out with a wonderful campaign and was fitly recognised for his contribution to both the sport and being an all-round legend - as many can attest to, having briefly met the guy in a couple of local training camps for juniors in the last few years! 

Turning to our local comp we see that there are some real disparaties opening up in the women's comp. Not sure what the solution is and I guess it will be a bit of an on-the-fly solution - which I approve of - if something isn't working too well then by all means try something else! 

Heads up though girls - if your team is getting soundly beaten then it will make you stronger with the resolve to be better. This makes you play better and try harder if you let it. 

In the top men's comp the canaries had the bye and so the parrots and magpies had their squawks. I missed this game because of my post-luncheon nap, but I heard the whispers under the Stocky shed later on that the wonderful man of Adam Sloane had a significant milestone game. Well done, old boy - I would love to keep all the nods going to all clubs in all directions for their milestone players. Hockey, even though it is a sport that involves a lot of strange movements and a huge amount of running, is one of the sports that one can do for a long time - there are a couple of players in our over local league that are pushing 70 not out and certainly a good few in that range in the metro leagues! You'll never get that in footy.

In the B Men comps we saw a couple of very interesting tussles: The younger canaries took on the old Turtles and the turtles plodded on to the points; the older canaries ended up with the chocolates against the undermanned Legs in the night game in a very entertaining game.

The younger maggies completely dominated the undermanned Old Collegians - and put their early marks on as the team to beat this year. They are as all-round a unit as we've seen in a while with a good mix of age whilst not necessarily with beauty.

I missed the parrots and my stripey mates from up north (who I always love watching) but the parrots came out victorious in that arm wrestle.

And hockey of course is the winner.

Juniors still have a week off with school holidays and begin in the last weekend of the hols, so looking forward to seeing the grandies dust off the sticks and trot out for their little stoushes!

Well, time for a nip of PL's finest strengthened fruit juice and settle in for the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony...