Calls for wind action, puzzlers left puzzled

Ministerial Might

This is it, Stephan Knoll.

It is now your responsibility to stop the largest environmental, social and planning disaster facing the Barossa and surrounds.

Namely, the utterly pointless Keyneton and Palmer wind power factories.

No excuses.

For too long, your seat of Schubert and its Liberal-held neighbouring electorates have been the dumping ground for disastrous Labor energy policies.

I’m sure you’re well aware of the state wide consequences if you sit back and allow these hopeless projects to continue.

Your political seat will be home to dozens of useless, damaging wind turbines, unless you stop it.

Your electorate, Mr Knoll.

Will you stand up loud and strong for them?

Will you put an end to this stupidity?

Will you protect hundreds of families from totally unnecessary harm?

Surely you and your new government don’t still believe that masses of wind turbines will control the weather?

I’m sure you’ve all grown up by now.

I am told that in 2014 you wrote a letter saying you would do everything to get a moratorium placed on wind farms.

Now is the time, Minister for Planning.

You have the power.

Right now.

Even if it means having difficult conversations with some of your Liberal Party members, who may just be driving this destruction.

There are terrible ramifications for us all if you don’t step up and deal with this.

So what are you made of, Mr Knoll?

Show us that you have more in your bag of tricks than blowing $100,000 on dog parks.

I believe you will do the right thing by ending this madness.

So let’s get started.

M Teusner, Eden Valley.

Simply a disgrace

Is it possible for the conduct and behaviour of the present Australian cricket team to stoop any lower! Sledging and verbal abuse is one thing; admitting to the leadership group planning and carrying out ball tampering is simply cheating.

Coach Darren Lehmann and captain Steve Smith should immediately be suspended by Cricket Australia. The situation has become more than embarrassing, it's a disgrace.

Rick Drewer, Gawler East.

No one down

I'm not appalled but I am puzzled and lost for words… yet somehow not as puzzled as I usually am every week when I take home the Herald.

What has happened? Where is MY favorite part of your sports section? I have no clue.

Some of us with dodgy hips still need exercise you know, we need to exercise our brains and keep beautiful on the inside.

PLEASE don't scrap the cryptic crossword and other healthy brainteasers, it's just not cricket.

Anna Gram, Kapunda.

  • Editor’s note: Never fear, Anne and fellow puzzlers – we are not scrapping this section! Last week’s paper omitted the section due to last minute space requirements, but you’ll be pleased to note it’s in its rightful place this week. Thanks to you and our other letter writers and callers for your feedback!