Carl Teusner support Conservatives Party

Carl Teusner backs the Australian Conservatives Party with a push to reduce the cost of living and support infrastructure and planning.

Carl Teusner backs the Australian Conservatives Party with a push to reduce the cost of living and support infrastructure and planning.

For small business owner Carl Teusner, cost of living, infrastructure and planning sit at the top of his priority list to tackle should the Australian Conservatives candidate win the seat of Light this election.

Working full time on the family farm outside of Gawler, he says the increased living costs are felt by families and businesses in the area.

”Under Labor, taxes and fees have risen dramatically, they have relied on increase levies and selling state assets to fix their budget woes and the push to an unreliable form of renewable energy has seen electricity prices sky-rocket,” Mr Teusner said.

“Our region is one of the fastest growing yet infrastructure to support this is missing.” 

He refers to the delay of the Gawler by-pass.

“We have significant traffic problems and we still have a train line to Gawler that is awaiting Labor’s promise of electrification. Light needs a long term infrastructure and strategic economic plan.”

Mr Teusner says he will tackle these concerns through the Australian Conservatives promise for a small government with low taxes.

“We have a plan for the state, that if adopted would remove $1.1 billion of payroll tax, $1 billion of Stamp duty, $600 million of land tax and $45 million of NRM levies. 

“With $3 billion of taxes and levies abolished, businesses will be encourage to expand or set up in South Australia and people will have more money to spend and this will help stimulate the economy.”

While he’s aware the party is in its early stages he is happy to support the grass-roots campaign in its entirety with a motivated base of supporters and volunteers.

“Many who are disillusioned with the major parties and are looking for principles, common sense and an economic plan that they don’t see that in other parties, minor or major.”

Mr Teusner, who echoes Schubert Conservatives Party candidate Rikki Lambert’s statement about the party being true conservatives, believes the “Liberals have moved too far away from this position”.

He further shares how he was a former Liberal supporter but was disappointed they moved away from their core values.

“I found I had no sense of political belonging until Australian Conservatives was formed.  

“I put my hand up to be a candidate because I want to help this party succeed as I believe conservative values need to be upheld for society to succeed.” 

Mr Teusner is the longest serving committee member of his local old scholars football club, five of those as president and currently as treasurer.