Eudunda night bowls draws to close

Last Thursday night a large crowd of supporters cheered on the finalists.

The weather and the greens were perfect.

The game in the Top 8 was very close and exciting, resulting in a two-shot win to Ted Schiller’s team of Ron Dunsdon, David Drage and Ted Bowden.

The runners-up were GG Schutz, Adrian Menzel, William Schutz and Carolyn Doering.

The ‘Bottom’ 8 winners were the Golden Girls who played very well. Marg Nietschke’s team was Betty Marshall, Jo Bruhn and Rhonda Horne.

The runners-up were Judy Milde, Steve Turner (returning to the bowling green after back surgery), Mike Christie and Graham Lewis.

Carolyn Doering won the meal voucher, and Felix Schiller the wine.

‘Happy birthday’ was sung to Betty Marshall and Rhonda Horne who celebrated their birthdays that day, enjoying a birthday present of a grand final win.

On Thursday, March 22, at 7.30pm, there will be a social Night Bowls game with Robertstown players at Eudunda.

All bowlers, both night and pennant players are encouraged to come for this fun night.

Please put your name on the sheet as soon as possible.

There will be supper to conclude the night.