Knoll seeks round two

Stephan Knoll, with daughter Macey, is seeking a second term as Schubert's member of parliament.
Stephan Knoll, with daughter Macey, is seeking a second term as Schubert's member of parliament.

Since moving to the Barossa in 2011, Stephan Knoll has immersed himself in the local community.

Prior to his election in 2014 – when he replaced retiring Liberal MP Ivan Venning – Schubert’s incumbent MP was the general manger of his family’s business, Barossa Fine Foods.

Mr Knoll says he is proud to have fought for – and won – a number of issues in the past four years.

This includes funding for Nuriootpa schools and for improving the Stott Highway.

“We’ve also helped with small planning issues, and I have really enjoyed some of the quiet one-on-one things we have worked on where we’ve actually been able to get a result,” he said.

“But it is difficult to deliver in Opposition; it will be a lot easier to deliver if we are in government (after this election).”

Mr Knoll said there was still a lot he wanted to deliver for his electorate including investigating the prospect of a Barossa hospital, improving roads and addressing mobile blackspots.

“I can understand why the community is cynical when it comes to the hospital, but it is something we’ve committed to doing – we just need to be in government to do it,” he said.

Locally, he said the Barossa had traditionally done well when it came to promoting itself.

“Businesses and the community are pretty good at helping to develop the Barossa,” Mr Knoll said.

“We as the government need to support that with infrastructure; better roads and phone reception will help to underpin future business and tourism in the region.

"The district has so many strengths but it needs to be unlocked by a government that is committed to regional SA. The cost of living and the cost of doing business is holding the region back. High electricity prices, taxes and regulations stifle households and businesses.” 

Mr Knoll said it had been a “pleasure” representing the region in the past four years, and he looked forward to the electorate and wider SA seeing what a Liberal government could deliver.

“As a party that has its focus on regional SA we know there is untapped potential (there),” he said.

“Since moving here I’ve discovered the Barossa is different from anywhere else in that it does have a strong community that is interwoven, and it is a most joyful place to represent.”