Green supports The Greens

The Greens Party supporter Felicity Green.

The Greens Party supporter Felicity Green.

Felicity Green says she is proud to be supporting The Greens Party within the Light electorate this election.

The mother of three and grandmother of three, who currently lives in Redwood Park, has been a member of the political party for the past eight years and is also the current convener of the Makin Branch.

“My interest in social justice and a fair go for all was the main thing which originally drew me to the Greens,” she said.

“I value the grassroots democracy practices by the SA Greens, which gives all members a say in ‘Greens’ policies.

“We all have a responsibility to protect the environment for future generations. Privatisation of public assets has only driven up prices. The Greens believe in putting essential services back in public hands,” she said.

The registered nurse of 40 years has seen her work for the last 27 of these as a mental health nurse, mainly in the community.

“For the past seven years I have worked in my current position, in a liaison role for older people in rural and remote areas of South Australia who have mental health problems,” she said.