Dave Irving for Greens

Greens candidate for Schubert Dave Irving.
Greens candidate for Schubert Dave Irving.

Greens candidate for Schubert, Dave Irving has been a busy man all his life, and in retirement he has not slowed one bit.

Until he retired at the end of 2015, he had worked in a variety of information technology positions, his last was in the defence industry.

Since retiring Mr Irving has kept busy building a house on a 20-acre property near Robertstown.

Born and raised in Adelaide, he spent most of his life there beside postings to Bendigo and Canberra, when he was in the army.

The issues he is most interested in include sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and mitigating the effects of climate change.

Mr Irving is passionate about those subjects and the changes needed to help the state and its people, including his grandchild.

That is the reason he decided to stand for selection in Schubert.

The challenges facing our electorate

Mr Irving states the major challenge facing his electorate is the influence of climate change on agriculture.

He believes people need to foster research into ways of mitigating the effects of climate change.

“I think that the moratorium on GM (genetically modified) crops should be retained,” he said.

“Whether or not there are safety issues with GM crops is irrelevant – the perception of many people is that there are risks and they would be dissuaded from buying South Australian produce if it was genetically modified.”

Mr Irving said South Australian farmers who are growing conventional crops should not have to risk losses associated with the spread of GM crops from neighbouring properties.


The SA Greens also have a number of policy platforms which has the family unit in mind.

Some of the family-inspired policies include affordable housing, arts and culture, caring for carers, cost of living, education, dying with dignity, health and putting an end to pokies.

In the agricultural sector there are policies such as animal welfare, climate change, food and farming, jobs and prosperity and saving significant trees. To read these policies and more visit https://greens.org.au/policies/sa