Letters to the editor


Whilst I agree with the upgrade of facilities in the towns of Mount Pleasant and Eden Valley by The Barossa Council, I hope other towns such as Springton which still have dirt roads in their hamlet will be considered, along with footpath improvements in Wild St and Yettie Road, Williamstown!    

Geoff Bowden, Williamstown.

Harassers ‘just stop’

Re editorial, Barossa & Light Herald, February 28, 2018, “It’s okay to call out inappropriate behaviour”.

I note with some indignation your last two sentences where you urge 'each and every one of us' to make sure females feel safe to raise their concerns re sexual harassment.

How about you urge those who harass to stop doing it. Just stop.

If the harassment stopped, women wouldn't need to raise concerns or to be subjected to the many forms of abuse and derision that occurs when allegations of this nature are made. Just urge the harassers to stop it. That makes more sense.

Ruth Colben, Eudunda.

  • Editor’s note: We certainly don’t disagree, Ruth – surely it’s a given that this behaviour is unacceptable in this day and age!


It was great to receive Tony Piccolos' election brochure in the mail this week. There was the usual backslapping and thanking Tony for his support of local Gawler business. Couldn't help but notice the brochures were printed by a printing company in Renmark.

Stuart Bates, Lot 11 Lundie Crt, Gawler East.

Response to ‘local?’

I am glad Mr Bates noticed that I have had some of my materials printed in Renmark. That is quite deliberate. What I cannot get printed in Gawler, I direct to other small businesses in country and regional South Australia. Would Mr Bates prefer I print my materials in the inner city areas of Richmond, Torrensville or Keswick, like my main opposition? I hope not!

Light MP Tony Piccolo.

Political party values

At around 7pm I am starting to relax, then my phone rings. Grrr. Usually when I answer it, I get someone from within Asia wanting to scam me. Lately, I get a recorded political polling survey, asking which local candidate I might vote for, so I press the number I want. Then I am asked, “Of the 2 major parties, who will get my vote”. I get no other option. I wonder why?

I am concerned about getting more of the same from either of the major 2 parties, and if each major party is preferencing the other, then we WILL get more of the same. We have a massive state debt which is growing, and each major party is promising billions. Yes billions, as stated in a recent major party brochure of dizzying promises I received in the post, however there is a PS, which says “It is important to remember that SA Best is backing the other major party, so if you vote for them, you won’t get our promises”.

I find this immature, insulting and I am sick of this sort of stuff. Where are the good political party values that we keep being promised? I wonder what would happen if “The Little Engine That Could”, (the children’s story that teaches the value of optimism and hard work) actually does?

Michael Galea, Strathalbyn.

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