Angaston Show results


The Pets section is convened by Jan McKenzie and since last year has had a marquee, with some bales of hay which gives it atmosphere. Sponsors are The Vet Clinic, For Pets Sake, Belinda’s Pampered Pets and a perpetual trophy is sponsored by the Kummerow Family in memory of Mrs Kummerow, who enjoyed judging the pets for many years.

Guinea Pig/Rabbit was won by Vanessa Mardle – 1st Felix; 2nd Oreo; 3rd Tom Jackson – Mitchell.

Vanessa Mardle and her cat Piper won Class 3.  

Class 4 – Dog or Puppy saw great competition. 1st Elijah Lambert – Misty, 2nd Priya Rathjen – Betsy, 3rd Mia and Bella Campbell – Odie, 4th Vanessa Mardle – Angus. Best groomed pet and overall champion pet was Misty – Elijah Lambert.


Ian and Fiona Koch had 11 entries in the Merino sheep classes with John Dalla (Orrie Cowie) with four entries. Champion Strong Wool Ram – Orrie Cowie, Reserve Champion IJ & FL Koch. Champion Strong Wool Ewe – IJ & FL Koch, Res Champ – Orrie Cowie. Champ Fine/Med Wool Ram – IJ & FL Koch, Res Champ – Orrie Cowie. Champ Fine/Med Wool Ewe – Orrie Cowie, Res Champ – IJ & FL Koch. Poll Merino classes – Champ Strong Wool Ram – Paul Boughen, Res Champ – IJ & FL Koch. Champ Strong Wool Ewe – Orrie Cowie, Res Champ IJ & FL Koch.

Merino/Poll Merino Breeders’ Group – trophy donated by Lyndoch Motors to IJ & FL Koch, 2nd Orrie Cowie.  Pair of Merino Ewes – My Dean Trophy to Orrie Cowie, 2nd IJ & FL Koch.

Champion Fine/Med Wool Poll Ram – IJ & FL Koch, Res Champ – Orrie Cowie. Champ Fine/Med Wool Poll Ewe – Orrie Cowie, Res Champ IJ & FL Koch. Grand Cham Merino/Poll Merino Ram – IJ & FL Koch, Res Grand Champ – Orrie Cowie. Grand Champ Merino/Poll Merino Ewe – Orrie Cowie, Res Grand Champ Ewe – IJ & FL Koch.

In the British Breeds classes, entries were in White Suffolk, Border Leicester, Romney, Polwarth (new to Angaston Show this year) and any other breeds. Grossman Family won sections for Champion White Suffolk Ram, Champ White Suffolk Ewe, Border Leicester Ram and Border Leicester Ewe. Imperial Partners won sections for Champ Romney Ewe, Champ Any Other Breed Ewe, and Champ Any Other Breed Ram.  L, M & K Starkey won Champ Polwarth Ram, and P Williams/C Sanders won Champ Polwarth Ewe.



Interschool classes now feature in the Show Jumping events.

Friday winners were – Classes 1 & 2, Zara Young on Alcheringa Brychen.  Class 3, 1st Brooke Yeardley – Celerity Park Ronaldo, 2nd Hannah Conlon – Celerity Park Dusky Star, and 3rd Tamara Bakker – Royal Romeo.  Class 4, Hannah Conlon – Celerity Park Dusky Star, 2nd Brooke Yeardley – Celerity Park Ronaldo, and 3rd Candace Smith – Power Play.  Class 6 was held on Saturday, 1st Candace Smith – Power Play, 2nd Brooke Yeardley – Celerity Park Ronaldo.


Anne Lindh, Leanne Maynard and Carolyn James have been competing at Angaston Show for many years, and this year saw Angus Beattie and Rachael Maynard also entering to make it an interesting competition.  Champion Non-Hackney Horse/Pony was won by Anne Lindh – Rosebrook Rhythm n Blues, Res Champ – Carolyn James/Wendamar Next in Line.  Champion Hackney or Partbred Hackney Horse/Pony – Anne Lindh/Beauwood Maxi.  


These classes are for younger riders, and was held for the first time last year with only two competitors, this year saw very exciting competition and ending with fun in the games events. Those who entered were Caitlin & Brianna Hill, Ed & Alisha Klitscher, Tim & Josh van Dissel, Emily Perryman, Abby Yeend, Lily Moore, and Jordyn Bayly.


Entries for these sections start coming in towards end of January which is exciting to receive. Last year we were overwhelmed with entries, and saw this happening for this show.

Champion Show Hunter Hack – Andrea Merry on Quantador, Res Champ – Leslie Burrows on Dark Secrets.  Champ Show Hunter Pony ne 12.2hh – Tiana Scheffer/Splash Dance, Res Champ – Ava Nusbajtel/Wyan Safari.  Champ Show Hunter Pony 12.2hh ne 14hh – Tyson Zoontjens/Duchess of Davito, Res Champ – Millicent Quigley-Smith/Indala Park Chill. Champion Show Hunter Galloway was won by Kate Halliday on Ridge View Park French Lace, Res Champ – Dior Harrison/Alpine Park Awesome. Supreme Hunter Ridden Exhibit was won by Andrea Merry /Quantador.

Champion Show Pony Hack ne 12.2 hh was won by Caitlin Fricker on Corumbone Kit Kat, Res Champ – Kate Halliday/Dalbrae Vegas.  Champ Show Pony Hack 12.2hh ne 14hh – Tracy Maitland/Harry Potter Party, Res Champ – Cheslea Nelson/Debanlay Sweet Talk.  Champion Good Hands Competition Rider – Hayley Rumbold/Renwar Michaelangelo, Res Champ Bailey Menadue/Kolbeach Chance. Champion Show Galloway Hack – Victoria Fricker/Daisy Patch Toy Story, Res Champ – Kate Halliday/Rosegate High Alto.  Champion Show Hack – Caitlin Fricker/ Manorvale After Five, Res Champ Jaimee Bruggemann/Cup Day.  Supreme Ridden Exhibit – Caitlin Fricker/Manorvale After Five.


For thoroughbreds that have officially raced or trialled and are now competing in Show Jumping or in Hunter or Hack classes. The events are sponsored by Goldin Farms – Lindsay Park.

Show Jumping results – points are taken from events entered over the weekend. First place to Jasmin Dawe on Turn it Up, 2nd place to Chloe Wedd on Jumbo, and 3rd place to Briony Temby on Party Rocks. Hunter & Hack was held during lunchtime on Sunday and this year there were 12 entries. First place to Samantha Clancy on Pictorella, 2nd Lesley Burrows on Dark Secret, and 3rd Tyson Zoontjens on Cup Day.  



The poster is designed by Sandra Howard. Many thanks to all involved in seeing this is done for Angaston Show. This year the entries were down. A huge thank you to all the children who took time to diligently use their skills and abilities to do such an awesome colouring-in job.

Winners in the 11-13 year olds: Stephanie Burgemeister 1st, Owen Riebke 2nd, Carly Kroehn 3rd; 7-9 years – Jemima Kubisch 1st, Kailee Will-Maywald 2nd, and tie 3rd winners Madison Boehm & Amberlene Fernandez; 3-5 year olds – Archie Kubisch 1st, Ellie Riebke 2nd, and tie 3rd Elsie & Poppy Feist.


For many years Jan Neumann has co-ordinated the Show Girl/Boy competition and many thanks Jan for doing this. For 2018 Show Rebekah Rushton convened this, who was one of our Rural Ambassadors representing Angaston last year. The judges for this event on Saturday were the SA Rural Ambassadors Sarah Hazel (Kapunda Show – 2017 Rural Ambassador Award winner) and Lachy Johnson (Mundulla Show – 2017 Young Rural Ambassador Award winner).

Winners were: Miss Cute – Arabella Campbell, Mr Cute – Brock Swan, Miss Mini Show Girl – Amelia Klemm, Mr Charming – Jake Riebke, Junior Show Day Ambassador – Owen Riebke, Intermediate Show Day Ambassador – Karmel Heinrich. Many thanks to all the sponsors for Show Girl/Boy quest. The vouchers and prizes are cherished. Angaston contenders for the 2018 CDSA Ambassadors Awards are: SA Young Rural Ambassador – Stefan Grossman. 2018 SA Rural Ambassador – Lachlan Grossman. These two young gentlemen are not shy when it comes to helping setting-up for Angaston Show. They willingly help. Have fun guys when it comes to judging at CDSA level, which will be held this year at Mt Barker on Saturday, May 12. 2018 CDSA Trophies will be awarded to those won sections at our show and other shows in our Association which includes Tanunda, Mt Pleasant, Mannum & Mt Barker. 2018 Senior Trophies will be awarded to winners in Horses-in-Action, Fruit, Vegetables, Cut Flowers, Eggs, Cookery, Wool and Dairy Goats. The 2018 Juniors sections are Cookery, Photography, Stock Handler/Jnr Judging in Sheep, Cattle & Wool sections. The 2018 Ambassador Finals and Trophy Presentation Dinner will be held at Mt Barker on May 12.


Special thanks goes to Bill Biscoe who has taken on the challenge of convening the Art section, and pursuing in such humid conditions this week on Thursday and Friday (and having had a heart condition of Wednesday – this is one very amazing gentleman). Special thanks goes to Jenny & Dagmar for sorting thru all the entries and putting them in their groups and classes, ready for Bill and the judge. Also another special thanks goes to Kristin for helping Bill Saturday afternoon when the exhibitors came to pick up their exhibits. The new class for Adult and Junior sections was “Extraordinary Everyday Barossa” which was sponsored by Regional Development Australia Barossa/Art Music Design Barossa. The first prize winner for the Adult class received $150 and was won by Kristin Wohlers & Kate Jenkins – did you see their mosaic interpretation of the extremely popular Barossa Cookery Book, and how many of us own a copy of this amazing cook book which is still available to purchase. The second prize went to Alana Steicke and her awesome entry of Luhrs Cottage at Light Pass. Some of the juniors entered and in the 11-13 year old age group Alisha Klitscher won $30 as her 1st prize, and her brother entered in the 5-7 year olds to win 1st prize. Winners in the Open Art classes were: Landscape Painting – 1st Julie Matthews, 2nd Catherine Hull, 3rd Warren Short.  Landscape – any other medium was won by Jennifer Lawson 1st, Warren Short 2nd & Catherine Hull 3rd. Catherine Hull won in Still Life – any other medium. Bradley Phillips won 1st prize for his entry  in Charcoal Portrait. Animal/Bird Study was won by Crystal Jaeger 1st, Rebecca Klitscher 2nd. Mixed Medium of any subject was well entered and won by John Patmore, Jennifer Lawson 2nd and Vanessa Phillips 3rd. Children’s Art was once again well entered. Lucy Blenkiron was the only exhibitor in the 14-16 year olds classes but she did an absolutely fantastic job with her entries. This young lady is extremely passionate about many things in her life and enters heaps in the Angaston Show – come on other teenagers, please give her some competition or ask her for some advice and help to do something similar. In the 11-13 years we had some fierce completion. Tianne Walker won 1st for her Black & White Drawing, Alisha Klitscher 2nd. Coloured Drawing – 1st Tianne Walker, 2nd Joshua van Dissel and 3rd Alisha Klitscher.


Due to weather conditions entries were down and by Friday sunset did not look very promising, but due to a few concerned and enthusiastic people we managed to have two trestles with display instead of maybe two-thirds of one table. A huge thank you to these few people who helped to make it worthwhile for the judge.

Champion Cut Flower was won by James Argent who entered an exquisite orchid entry in Class 43. Overall Most Successful Exhibitor was James Argent. Most Successful Exhibitor in the Roses classes was Mary Frick and Most Successful Exhibitor in Classes 26-45 was James Argent. Thanks to the many sponsors in this section. Other exhibitors were Penelope Schulz, Kaylene Kalleske, Russell Schmidt and Judi Rosenzweig.


Best exhibit was chosen by the judge, Ken Schliebs, for the entry of two butternut pumpkins by Rick Steicke. Grossman family are amazing for the variety of vegetables they are able to grow at Wilton. Every year they do an amazing display of Collection of Vegetables. A new exhibitor, Neville Randall entered a large Queensland Blue pumpkin and it won as the largest pumpkin – well done Neville! Most Successful Exhibitor in Classes 2-30 was won by Grossman Family and the trophy was donated by Russell Schmidt. Second Most Successful Exhibitor was Jennifer Edwards, who also convenes this section and helps to make an awesome display for all to view.


Most Successful Exhibitor for the Open section was won by Carolyn Haswell, a new exhibitor to this section and to Angaston Show. Hayley Henke won for the Junior Section. Other exhibitors were Vanessa Phillips, Ann Cundy, Rebekah & Joanna Rosenzweig,  Joy Dittrich, Bradley & Bethany-Kate Phillip.


Now back again at Angaston Show and many thanks to Rebekah Starick – who represented our show as a Young Rural Ambassador at the 2017 CDSA Dinner and went on to be runner-up at the Country Shows State Final. Many thanks to the three gentlemen who came in last Wednesday evening to do the judging, from Rehn Bier and Brady & Co, and this section was also sponsored by DIY Beer Coopers. Gary Waters won for Pale Ale, Dark Ale, Lager and Special Beer and was overall most successful exhibitor. Glen Phillips was on for Stout and was runner-up in Pale Ale and Special beer. Other exhibitors were Ian Langdon and Steve Mardle. Who makes a cider in the Barossa area? Please enter next year to add to this competition.  


Leah Starick was the convenor for Photography, taking over from Angela Crossman. Darren Linke, President of Angaston Show and handy-man, spent many hot, steamy, dusty days preparing the annexe of the show hall repairing the walls and putting in place metal sheeting ready to display the many photos. The photos are now attached with magnets and makes the job of displaying so much easier. Most Successful Exhibitor for the open classes was won by Dianne Ellis. Other exhibitors were Rosie Sherwood, Shirley Rohrlach, Madalene Daniel, Robyne van Dissel, Sharyn & Rebekah Rosenzweig, Crystal Jaeger, Isabelle Haswell, Shari Davidson, Andrew & Bev Walker, and Sheldon Scholz. Thankyou for entering and making judging such a hard task for Angela Crossman, who judged your entries last Wednesday evening.


With amazing technology even the youngest are able to enjoy taking photographs these days and Timothy van Dissel entered in the Primary Reception to Year 3 group. Timothy was the only exhibitor in this age group and many thanks goes to him for his enthusiasm. The Primary Years 4-7 had five exhibitors who gave a challenge for judging. Winner was Chloe Noack who took first prize wins for most classes, runner-up being Joshua van Dissel. Other exhibitors were Tom Blenkiron, Cody Schiller and Brianna White. In the Years 8-10 we had only four exhibitors was two tie for Most Successful Exhibitors – Lucy Blenkiron and Hayley Henke. Hannah Starick and Joanna Rosenzweig were the other two and new exhibitors to Angaston Show. Thank you to all the children for helping to make this section very enjoyable to all to view.


Rachael Dittrich – who was convenor for many years – convened this section for this year, due to Samantha Neumann being in America on a scholarship. Ian & Fiona Koch were Most Successful Exhibitor for Champion Merino Fleece classes. Neil & Jan Neumann won Champion Fleece in the Unregistered classes.  Robert Saegenschnitter was Most Successful in the Highest Commercial Value Fleece classes. Faith Lutheran College entered fleeces in the School Section. All up over 30 fleeces entered. 

Other exhibitors were Nathan Dittrich, B & Y Nietschke, G & G Becker, Peter Kleinig and L Nietschke.


Many special thanks to all those who helped in any way possible during last week, leading up to the show.

Angela Reimann offered to help in any way possible, and was so greatly appreciated. She had the mammoth task of sorting thru’ the ribbons, sashes, and felt ribbons which came in the post mid-week. To Jenny – Chris our Secretary’s foster mum – who helped in so many areas of the show, besides helping Chris & Darren to look after their children after-school hours – how wonderful is that! To Dagmar for helping during last week. It made the task of receiving entries so much easier and your expertise with organising sections. To Darren, our President, who took a week off work, to do so many tasks leading up to the Show. To the Lions Club members who put up signage around the Barossa in strategic places – how many of the public noticed them! 

Trevor and Geoff had the huge task of sorting prize monies for sections which gave out prize monies. Behind the scenes, the Show Committee did a lot of things that are too numerous to mention. The Show Book was once again beautifully presented. The many sponsors who do wish to keep Angaston Show going. It was our 121st Show and we were blessed with an extremely pleasant Show Day. So, huge thank you.