Dan Van Holst Pellekaan

Current Liberal MP for Stuart Dan Van Holst Pellekaan says he doesn't take his responsibilities for granted.
Current Liberal MP for Stuart Dan Van Holst Pellekaan says he doesn't take his responsibilities for granted.

Wilmington’s Dan Van Holst Pellekann is keen to hold onto the seat of Stuart following the state election this month.

Mr Van Holst Pellekaan, who says he doesn’t take his responsibilities for granted, plans to work towards reducing the cost of living on households, protect and support country health and grow regional employment opportunities.

“I never assume I’m going to be re-elected,” he told Barossa Herald.  

“I work as hard as I can for the people in our electorate throughout the term – not just before an election.”

He backs the Liberals policies to cut Emergency Services Levies, cut NRM levies, cap council rate increases and reduce the cost of electricity, he said.

“We have also announced very clear policies to address the hospital expenditure backlog that has grown over the last 10 years, double regional chemotherapy services, increase rural GP training places in country areas.” 

Of the nine hospitals within the Stuart electorate, plus eight others just outside, which people from the electorate access, he said, “every single one of these must be protected and supported”.

As for employment, the Liberals have outlined clear policies to quarantine 30 per cent of all mining royalties for about $75 million in transport and infrastructure projects in regional areas, and have further committed $15 million per year to regional development funding. 

Mr Van Holst Pellekaan, who is supported by his “wonderful” wife Rebecca, said unfortunately they didn’t have any children.

“But we do have 10 nieces and nephews and three godchildren, which is terrific,” he said.

“My work has been regionally based for the last 25 years including the fuel industry, running outback roadhouses, tourism development and as an MP since 2010.

“While I was never involved in politics before running for parliament, I did have a strong connection with most parts of our very large and diverse electorate and making sure that all people from all walks of life in Stuart are well represented is my driving force.”