Red Cross Blood Service

The Red Cross Blood Donation Mobile Service heads to Nuriootpa next week with the Barossa community urged to make an appointment to assist a vital service which helps save lives.

People can choose to give either whole blood collection or plasma at the Nuriootpa Soldiers Memorial Hall from Monday, March 5 through to Friday, March 9.

Eligible people include those aged 18-70 years and over 50kg. However, ineligibility includes those who have had a tattoo in the last four months, pregnant women or those who who have just given birth, plus those who live with heart disease. 

Red Cross staff recommend donors to drink plenty of fluids in the 24 hours before an appointment, especially in warm weather. On the day of your donation, they urge donors to make sure they have enough time and don't feel rushed.

Remember to be RED:

  • Rest: Have a good night’s sleep before and refrain from strenuous exercises before your donation day
  • Eat: Have something savoury or salty to eat in the three hours before your donation
  • Drink: For a plasma or platelet donation, have three large glasses of water in the 3 hours prior to your appointment. For whole blood donation, have two large glasses of water in the three hours prior, and another two glasses when you arrive.
  • Unlike a blood test, you can eat and drink as much as you like before you come to donate.

The community should also mark in their diaries June 5-8, when the health team returns to Nuriootpa.

The hall is located at 46 Murray Street and to book an appointment, contact the friendly Red Cross team on 13 14 95.