Gawler Pavilion undergoes ceiling work

The historic pavilion housed at the Gawler Sport and Community Centre is temporarily closed to enable the ceiling to be replaced and repair work to be undertaken in the roof cavity.

This unplanned repair work is a result of a recommendation from a contractor engaged by Gawler council to inspect the roof cavity after council staff noticed pigeons causing damage to the pavilion’s ceiling.

“Council’s contractor undertook a detailed site assessment, including cutting entrance holes into the roof cavity and entering via an elevated work platform,” Mayor Redman said.

“This assessment uncovered a high level of contamination due to pigeons roosting in the roof cavity that needs to be appropriately treated.”

The contractor’s recommendation calls for the removal of the suspended ceiling, closing all points of pigeon entry, stabilisation of the roof and ceiling structure generally and reinstatement of a false ceiling.

The pavilion, which was built in 1881, is one of council’s oldest buildings and is a local heritage listed building.

The removal of the ceiling sheets will require specialist treatment associated with the age and condition of the ceiling materials.

“Although this closure will be frustrating for users of the pavilion, the Gawler Central Sporting Association and Council Staff, it is necessary to ensure a safe environment for patrons of the Gawler Sport and Community Centre and our community,” Mrs Redman said.

Council is currently working with the various community groups who have had access to the hall for their many varied activities.

Of the nine groups impacted by this temporary closure, five have already been provided alternate accommodation options.

Council will continue to work with the remaining four groups to find alternate options to minimise the impacts of this temporary closure.

The work is expected to take about six weeks and is funded from within council’s existing facility maintenance budgets.