Saucy new festival delights the senses | GALLERY, VIDEO

Inspired by the La Tomatina festival held in Bunol, Spain, each year, First Drop Wines’ inaugural Vivo Tomato festival on Sunday, February 25, delivered on its promises for a messy, fun and tasty day out for the family.

Teams lined up for the tomato battles inside the custom-built “fight cage” before pelting each other with tomatoes (only tomatoes which would normally be used for landfill or animal feed were used).

On one side, pasta, pizza and coffee catered to most tastes while on the other – next to a refreshing spritzer stand – a charitable group of nonnas, nonnos, aunts and uncles busily made passata, which was also available for sale on the day.

All proceeds from the day were destined for the children’s charity, Variety SA.

Fittingly, it was Variety SA’s “Uno” team which took out the first Vivo Tomato Battle Champions Trophy.

First Drop Wines’ team, the Milk-fed Mafia, finished bottom of the ladder.