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By now the summer holidays are a faint memory and most of the workforce are looking forward to a productive year ahead.

There are plenty of stylish accessories that can help pull your look together, and day-to-day essentials, whether you work in an office or from home.

Then there’s the all-important work attire. From choosing what to wear to the office, to personalising an otherwise basic outfit, here’s some inspiration for how to kick off the working week in style.

Cotton linen flared short sleeve dress, $79.90. This frock has a simple yet flattering shape that could be accessorised according to your workplace and its dress code.

Glasses frames, $265. If you need to wear spectacles, these are a spectacular option, as stylish as they are simple.

Midnight Madrid tote, $649.95. A gorgeous leather handbag that can move seamlessly from the office to after work dinner and drinks.

Keepcup, $32. From the makers of the original Keepcup comes the limited edition Cork Brew, with a cork band sourced and made from both sustainable cork forests in Portugal and upcycled cork waste from the wine industry.

Colour Crush matte lipstick, $21. A swipe of lipstick can really complete your work ensemble and help you feel polished.

Elie Beaumont large watch, $99. It all of a sudden seems rather old school to check your wrist for the time, but when the watch looks this gorgeous, why wouldn’t you?

Native Moisturiser, $55. Offices can be incredibly dehydrating environments. This silky cream formula includes hyaluronic acid to ensure your skin is hydrated and plumped, while rosehip oil soothes and nourishes sensitive or dehydrated skin.

Gatsby jacket, $969. If you’re a self-confessed clothes horse, there are plenty of ways your can dress for the office and still make a bold fashion statement.

Silk art scarf, $185. Designed by Australian artist Phillip Ayers, this beautiful unisex wool/silk blend scarf is an easy way to make an otherwise drab work outfit pop.

Filofax classic A4 organiser in textured leather, $329.95. Remember writing your appointments down on paper? Invest in a stunning organiser and your electronic organiser will suddenly seem rather dull.

Extra fine cotton broadcloth long sleeve shirt  $39.90. Classic checks suit everyone and visually lift a work ensemble in an instant.

Jackson belt, $49. Accessories are the easiest way to jazz up your workwear and also allow you to wear basics, but with your personal style.

Rustic black boots, $209. Usually synonymous with work on the land, these days Blunnies are smart enough to be worn in many workplaces.

Cheswick table lamp, $169. Work from home? Wearing your trackies? At least your home office can look the part.