Letters to the editor

Dog plan lacks rural voice

Light Regional Council is a rural council.

A Dog and Cat Management Plan (2018-2022) has been prepared in accordance with Section 26A of the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995.

The Draft Plan was prepared by Fiona De Rosa, urban planner and dog trainer, Balancing Act Adelaide- “People, Pets and Cities” – balancingactadelaide.com.au.

A community reference group has been set up. Neither its membership includes farmers nor do its objectives give consideration to the important role played by dogs and cats in the conduct and operation of agriculture.

The ethos of this plan is city-centric.

The Draft Plan is now open for public consultation.

While a Public Notice is published in local papers on February 14, 2018, I have concern that this important matter may pass without sufficient attention from the rural community before its closing date on Saturday, March 10, 2018.

Anyone concerned should contact a Light Rural Council Office for a copy of the Draft Plan and a feedback form to express their opinion on this subject.

Cr Peter Kennelly, Kapunda.

It’s not our fault

Without any question or doubt this dysfunctional, tired, incompetent, Labor regime would have to be the worst government in the history of this state!

To believe even 75 per cent of their promises leading up to the March election would be foolhardy by anyone's standards!

It beggers belief to think they are still spruiking that power prices are going down when they continue to rise!

What dropkick destroys a power station without good back up supply with minute substitute renewables!

What an absolute farce! Lost for words!

Geoff Bowden, Williamstown.

Regions lack influential people?

Last week the Adelaide Advertiser published a list of 100 South Australians who, in their view, are the most significant and influential people in our state.

I am sure that those who compiled the list thought carefully about who was on this list.

Having reviewed this list, and having had it vetted by others, I struggle to find anyone on this list who lives and works in regional SA.

I understand that 22 per cent of the population of SA lives in rural SA.

I would point out that the people from rural SA feed the population of Adelaide, help clothe the population of Adelaide, produce a significant amount of the raw materials that builds Adelaide and produce a significant amount of the energy that powers Adelaide.

In short, it is the regions of SA that sustain Adelaide.

Despite this, it would appear that very few people who live and work in rural SA can make the list of a hundred significant and influential people as compiled by Adelaide.

I personally believe that this reflects the view of our state Labor government, otherwise they would have commented on this list, as I now do.

There is one group in SA who understand the importance of regional SA to the health and the wealth of this state.  

That is Steven Marshall and his Liberal team, who spend a considerable amount of their time visiting the various regions throughout the state, including my own region of the South East.

Barney McCusker, Member of the Liberal Party, Mount Gambier.


Now that we have all seen AFLX it's immediately obvious that AFLY is introduced.

AFLY for "why"?

AFLX is boring, not exciting, not spectacular, little tackling, in fact lacking just about everything that real Aussie Rules has. Why oh why in the first place?

Rick Drewer, Gawler East.