Erica welcomed to AGM

Erica Bartsch. Photo: Barossa Nursery

Erica Bartsch. Photo: Barossa Nursery

Williamstown Garden Club’s annual general meeting welcomed Erica Bartsch from the Barossa Nursery as guest speaker, who brought a large selection of plants.

As the plants were passed around for us to inspect, feel and smell, Erica described the succulents, hanging baskets, ferns, flowering plants, some which had leaves as their focal point, and a white strawberry.

She also recommended two sprays which protect plants from heat and frost damage.

At the AGM Erica kindly conducted the election of the committee for the year.

The previous committee were prepared to stand again with the exception of Audrey Cleggett and Joyce Glendenning who declined to stand again.

The committee elected for the year: Pat Bond - chairperson, Tricia Sloper - secretary, Bill Hodgson – treasurer, John Cook, Connie Hodson, Jean Randall and Lexley Reinke.

Audrey Cleggett, Joyce Glendenning and Jean Randall were presented with certificates for being among the founder members of the club and in recognition of their many years with the club.

Audrey also received birthday greetings, together with Anne Havis and Marlene Wilson. Raffle winners, Linda, Richard and Wendy.

The program for the next six months was distributed.

Next meeting: Monday, March 5. Meet at Uniting Church to car pool to Footside Farm, Eudunda, for tour and afternoon tea, cost $10. We will leave at 1pm sharp.