Letters to the editor

70 years of answering the call

Every March for 70 years, thousands of volunteers have made a wonderful contribution to our community during Red Cross Calling. They’ve knocked on their neighbour’s doors, said g’day and their combined efforts have raised millions.

All of that effort has gone a long way, allowing Red Cross to help where we’re needed most; from fires to floods, reducing suffering, while keeping people safe, secure and connected.

So many extraordinary volunteers here in South Australia have also gone the extra mile – not just raising money but also reaching out to their neighbours, asking how they’re going and checking on their wellbeing.

Red Cross Calling is more than a fundraiser – it gives us a reason to connect and volunteer for the sake of our community. Research shows that volunteering and helping in our neighbourhoods helps us live happier, longer lives.

I’d like to send a massive thanks to all those thousands of schools, businesses, community organisations and individuals who’ve answered the call over the years. 

These volunteers make Australia a special place to live. This year we aim to double the number of volunteers in South Australia. Will you be one of them? Join the fun today: redcrosscalling.org.au or call 1800 RED CROSS.

Mark Groote, SA director, Australian Red Cross.

Same standard, different season

Well, it's back! With all the hype and mass publicity in newspapers and on TV, the second season of AFLW has arrived, promising that they are "fitter, faster and stronger".

However, after the first round of matches, it has become immediately obvious that they are certainly not more skilled. Carlton and Collingwood managed a total of 11 scoring shots between them, Brisbane and Adelaide collected 15 scoring shots, while Melbourne and GWS went wild with 19 scoring shots.

The major reasons for this lack of scoring ability, by all teams, is the lack of running aerobic capacity, strength and poor kicking and handball disposal skills. These factors result in the development of the "pack mentality", with the ball very rarely moving freely and into open space.

Free entry to matches leads, I believe, to a false impression of the game's popularity and if the lack of scoring ability persists, the interest will rapidly decline.

And, whatever the media does, don't, for heaven's sake, mention the success of our girls' world class standard and results in sports like soccer, netball, basketball and hockey. Whatever happened to the concept of equity of reporting in women's sport?

Richard Harris, Gawler.

Jerusalem in the news

It is no surprise that Jerusalem is in the news again.

The Biblical prophet Zechariah said that Jerusalem would be the cause of much anguish and controversy.

‘Behold I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about…….. a burdensome stone…..’ (Zech.12:2,3).

God’s throne was in Jerusalem (1 Chronicles 29:23)but after a succession of wicked kings, God overthrew His throne there about 600BC and declared that it would remain vacant until a worthy successor, the Lord Jesus Christ came.

‘I will overturn, overturn, overturn, overturn it: and it (the throne) shall be no more, until he comes whose right it is, and I will give it him…’ (Ezekiel.21:27).

So Jerusalem will have a glorious future as a centre of worldwide blessing, peace and education when the Lord Jesus Christ returns (Isaiah. 2:2-4; 65:19).

King David, using the spiritual name for Jerusalem wrote, ‘Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth is mount Zion…the city of the great king…’(Psalm 48:2; 132:13,14).

M.Elfenbein, Tanunda.