New truck for Kersbrook and Hamley Bridge CFS

Kersbrook Brigade and Hamley Bridge Brigade will receive two of 22 new Country Fire Service (CFS) trucks delivered for locations around South Australia for this bushfire season.

The new fire trucks are all equipped with potentially lifesaving burn-over technology, including water spray, deluge systems and in-cab breathing systems.

Trucks delivered include 34P appliances with a 3000L capacity and Pumper capability meaning they can be used for grassfires or housefires and BWC13 bulk water carriers.

Emergency Services Minister Chris Picton said this equipment is vital for CFS volunteers.

“I am very pleased to see CFS brigades across our State with new trucks delivered and at the ready for this fire season,” he said.

“As we saw during the Pinery Fire, burn over technology is critical to ensuring the safety of our CFS volunteers during operations.

“Our CFS volunteers work extremely hard to protect their communities and I am very pleased the State Government is able to provide them with the latest resources and equipment to protect their safety whilst they protect their communities.”

The CFS appliance program delivers about 42 trucks per year.

As part of the 2016-17 Budget, the State Government committed an extra $9.3 million over four years for the retrofitting of safety systems and the acceleration of new truck replacements, which has meant that even more of the CFS fleet is fitted with potentially lifesaving burn over technology