Eudunda bowler Gordon Schutz is still going strong at the ripe old age of 93. Photo: Steph Konatar
Eudunda bowler Gordon Schutz is still going strong at the ripe old age of 93. Photo: Steph Konatar

They say age is just a number and Eudunda Bowling Club has one of the biggest examples of that in 93-year-old Gordon Schutz.

“93 and a half – I’ll be 94 in May,” Gordon proudly explained over a casual chat at the bowling club.

The former poultry farmer both bowls and walks unassisted, without a walking stick or aid, and he doesn’t even need glasses.

“I don’t need anything,” Gordon said.

“I can still read without glasses, I have got them, but I seldom use them.

“If my hearing was as good as my eyesight I’d be happy.”

Gordon has been playing lawn bowls at Eudunda for the past 20 years, finally beckoned into the sport after his retirement by club legend Ron Milde.

“When (Ron) found out I’d retired he didn’t give me any peace,” he joked.

Gordon grew up on the family farm, located midway between Eudunda and Point Pass, where the Schutz’ settled in 1869.

Between running the farm he also played in the forward pocket for Julia Football Club near Point Pass and completed Voluntary Defence Training (VDT) at the Eudunda Showgrounds and Rifle Range each weekend during World War II.

Gordon has been married to Stella for the past 65 years and together they have three children, 10 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren.

“The (1950s), 60s and 70s, they were the good years,” Gordon explained.

“There was no crime, no drugs – I was married in ‘52, the girls were born in ‘54 and Malcom was born in ‘55.”

Since retirement (well almost – he still helps out on the farm) Bob and Stella have joined Eudunda Probus Club and travelled to New Zealand, Kangaroo Island and Tasmania, plus taken some local caravan trips with friends.

Gordon said he couldn’t credit bowling solely for his fountain of youth, but admitted he’s made some great memories with the Roosters.

“It probably does help (keep him young)… I’ve met a lot of new faces, new people and new friends,” he said.

"It’s somewhere to go and something to do – I really enjoy it (bowls).”