Back to school 2018 | GALLERY

There was a palpable buzz across the region today as young minds headed back to school – some for the very first time!

Check out these happy faces as they embark on a new school year.

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Have a back-up breakfast plan

Create a back-up healthy breakfast for when the morning isn’t going to plan of fast, inexpensive options such as fresh fruit; low fat unflavoured yoghurt; a handful of plain, unsalted nuts and/or seeds.

Swap butter for margarine, avocado or hummus on sandwiches

Butter is around 50 per cent saturated fat – which is the unhealthy fat that raises our cholesterol levels and kids are currently eating more saturated fat than they should. Margarine, avocado or hummus all contain healthier fats.

Make it easier for kids to eat fruit at school

Rather than packing whole fruit in the lunchbox, try cutting it up – rubbing lemon juice on cut fruit stops it going brown so it still looks good when your kids go to eat it.

Try something new for the school drop-off

Walking, cycling, scooting or public transport to and from school can greatly increase the amount of physical activity children achieve across the day. If home is a large distance from school, part of the way is okay too.

Make drinking water fun

Try new ways to encourage kids to drink water by using fun water bottles that they’ll want to refill during the day.