Letters to the editor

Tafe SA

First of all I'd like to praise the Herald for their factual (almost) and unbiased reporting on what we now know is the reality of the state government managed TAFE SA.

However as a "mature" age student at different campuses, including the Barossa since 2015, it is incorrect for government and the media to stereotype all students impacted by this "fiasco" as young people or school leavers.

The majority of my peers are of my generation, there for the same reason as I am. That is to upskill, retrain, re-educate and return to the workforce.

Studying at TAFE SA is not a free service, nor should it be. It cost me thousands of dollars, which I would not have issue with, had I got what I signed up and paid for.

So while I and hundreds of students like me that vary in age from 17 years to 60+, worry about what, when or if our study path or our assessments or our qualification certificate is valid, staff at TAFE SA and the state government politicians are on holidays and have been since early December.

They’re due back in February I believe, or is it March? Does anybody know?

Students have been left hanging since mid December, as all the decision makers had taxpayer funded annual leave booked in.

So all the students wait and wait and wait .....

J. Jansen, Gawler East.

Australia Day

On January 26 Australians around the nation and those living around the world will reflect on what it is to be part of our great nation.

Every Australian, from our First Australians to the newest sworn in citizen and everyone in-between, should be proud to be part of or our great nation.

And this great nation has much to celebrate.

Above all, we should celebrate the fact that no matter our birth place, we are united in our Australian values. 

While we recognise the complexities and the challenges of our history on Australia Day, we also recognise the greatness of our achievements as a united Australia.

January 26 is a day to unite us, not divide us.

It is a day to reflect on our history not turn our back on it. 

For me, this day represents where we have come from and what we have become.

What it is to be Australian; to work hard, to contribute to community, a sense of mateship, of belonging and of prosperity.

This truly is a nation of freedom and opportunity.

To strive to better ourselves while at the same time supporting others through times of need.

As a country we have grown to become a great nation of which and we should all be rightly proud.

Happy Australia Day.

Tony Pasin, Federal Member for Barker.

Tour Down Under

On Tuesday, January 16, the colour and festival atmosphere of the TDU. stage 1 at Williamstown was excellent, only to be spoilt by arrogant, I don't give a toss for road rules amateur cyclists!

This mob thumb their noses at regulations i.e. six abreast no hand signals etc.

Once again it's minority groups rule the waves (sorry roads.) 

Geoff Bowden, Williamstown.

Promises, promises

Already being bombarded with election promises from the Premier, Steven Marshall and Nick Xenophon, I am reminded of the words of Nikita Khrushchev, "Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even when there is no river"!

Rick Drewer, Gawler East.