Golden North recall on ‘L2’ products

Laura’s Golden North has launched a voluntary recall of some of its icecream.

Company spokesman Trevor Pomery said on Friday that the precautionary recall was because of the possible presence of small metal pieces in the icecream. 

“There have been no reports of harm or injury to any consumers with the product recall being undertaken for precautionary purposes only to ensure the safety of customers in line with the company’s commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards of product quality,” he said.

“Golden North has been built on a reputation for quality products, that is why we have gone back and recalled everything that could possibly be affected.”

The issue resulted from a breakdown of machinery on one particular churn and Mr Pomery said only those products with “L2” before the best before date were being recalled.

“The problem in the churn itself is 100 per cent fixed.”

The products have been for sale at Coles, Woolworths, Foodland, Supa IGA and IGA, On The Run and the Golden North Cavan offices.

The company contacted authorities as soon as an issue was detected and is working quickly with retailers to immediately remove the products, according to Mr Pomery.

“The company apologises for any inconvenience,” he said.

Purchasers are advised to review best before dates and return products to the place of purchase for a full refund, or call 1800 001 572 for more information.

The recall is being conducted nationally after a consumer complained about metal fragments in a product. 

SA Health’s director of food and controlled drugs, Dr Fay Jenkins, said metal fragments could be dangerous and cause injury if ingested.

“The company is investigating the issue at its Laura factory and is working with the regulator Dairysafe to address any issues,” she said.

“Golden North is cooperating with SA Health and Food Standards Australia-New Zealand to remove the affected products from retailers’ shelves. 

“The recall includes some Golden North branded products and others it manufactures which are sold under various labels.” 

The items being recalled are:

  • Black & Gold 5-litre Vanilla with L2 – Best Before 04 Dec 19
  • Black & Gold 2-litre Chocolate Choc Chip with L2 – Best Before 08 Dec 19 and 12 Dec 19
  • Country Style 5-litre Vanilla with L2 – Best Before 07 Dec 19, 13 Dec 19 and 14 Dec 19
  • Country Style 5-litre Krazy Kolors with L2 – Best Before 13 Dec 19
  • Foodland 4-litre Neapolitan with L2 – Best Before 12 Dec 19
  • Golden North 2-litre Vanilla with L2 – Best Before 05 Dec 19 and 08 Dec 19
  • Golden North 2-litre Honey with L2 – Best Before 06 Dec 19
  • Simple 2-litre Vanilla with L2 – Best Before 07 Dec 19
  • Simple 2-litre Neapolitan with L2 – Best Before 07 Dec 19
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