Lyell McEwin apologises after infant baby bottle washer incorrectly connected to descaler

Staff at the Lyell McEwin Hospital are today contacting 37 families to inform them of an issue which led to an infant baby bottle washer being incorrectly connected to a descaler, which is used to clean the dishwasher.

Lyell McEwin Hospital’s Head of Paediatrics Dr Mark Thesinger said there was a low risk of mouth irritations as a result, however no adverse reactions in any patients had been reported.

“Any adverse reaction would have occurred immediately after using an affected bottle and there is no on-going risk to a patient’s health,” Dr Thesinger said.

“Our doctors and nurses have assessed all case notes, and found no instances of external irritation, refusal to feed or any other unaccounted for irritability.

“Today we are contacting families to apologise and offer them a medical review if there are any concerns.

“We want to reassure families that the situation is being reviewed and that all actions will be taken to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

“The descaler is a washing agent used to clean the dishwasher itself and was connected instead of detergent from January 1 to 6.

“This bottle washer is solely for patients in the nursery and maternity wards, no other areas of the hospital were affected.

“All washing agents are heavily diluted during the wash cycle, so the risk of any ingestion is minimal.

“However, we are taking a cautious approach and have discarded all affected infant bottles as a precaution.”

Any affected families who have any questions or concerns should contact the Lyell McEwin Hospital on 0466 506 392.