New website 'Know Your Options' for alcohol and other drug treatment and support is live

The home page of the new online website, 'Know Your Options'.
The home page of the new online website, 'Know Your Options'.

Access to information about alcohol and other drug treatment and support services has been made easy via a new one-stop online portal which went live from Wednesday. 

The ‘Know Your Options’ website has been established to support South Australia’s individuals and their families.

Initiated by the State Government as part of the ‘Stop the Hurt’ Ice Taskforce actions, it was developed in consultation with clinicians, clients, affected families, community members and service providers.

“The site fills a long standing need for an easily accessible directory of services and information, specific to South Australia,” SA Network of Drug and Alcohol Services executive officer Michael White said.

“Concern about the use of alcohol and other drugs can be distressing for individuals and families, and it is important that they are able to access accurate information about getting help, as easily and as quickly as possible,” he added.

According to the State Government, nearly 50 per cent of people – particularly young people – are likely to obtain health information online with Health Minister Peter Malinauskas believing the number “will only rise”. 

“This is why it’s crucial that the alcohol and other drug sector has come together to develop a new website that makes finding alcohol and other drug services easier,” Mr Malinauskas 

In June 2017 the State Government established a Ministerial Crystal Methamphetamine Taskforce to consider legislative and policy changes focusing on interrupting the supply of drugs, identifying prevention and treatment pathways for those affected, and increasing community education.

The ‘Know Your Options’ website can be found at: