Help shape the future of water management in the Barossa

Schubert MP Stephan Knoll pushes the community to complete a survey on water allocation before January 31.
Schubert MP Stephan Knoll pushes the community to complete a survey on water allocation before January 31.

An online survey offers Barossa water users, residents and the wider community the opportunity to help shape the management of the region’s water resources for the next decade.

The Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board is conducting the survey to help identify priorities for the future management of ground and surface water in the Barossa.

Urging community members to undertake the survey is Schubert MP Stephan Knoll 

“The review of the Barossa Water Allocation Plan is a chance to rectify some of the long standing issues around water in the Barossa,” he said.

“Farmers, especially in Eden Valley, who have more than one water source should be given greater flexibility to decide what works best for them rather than having an arbitrary limit imposed.

“We need to achieve a better balance between keeping our local environment healthy whilst also allowing farmers to continue to produce world class produce,” Mr Knoll added.

Survey responses will help develop an updated water allocation plan for the Barossa Prescribed Water Resources Area, which is being produced by the board and the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.

Water allocation plans consider environmental, social and economic needs, and look to ensure long-term sustainability and security.

This is especially important where limited water resources are under demand for multiple purposes.

Further driving the survey is Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources management board presiding member Chris Daniels.

“Water allocation plans provide certainty to water users,” said professor Daniels, “by helping to manage surface water in creeks, rivers and farm dams and groundwater in the aquifers below the soil surface.”

“So it’s important to provide certainty to current and future users of water, particularly to those whose livelihoods depend on it.”

Have your say here: before the survey closes on Wednesday, January 31.

If you would like to discuss the development of the plan, as an individual or in a small group, or for further information, please contact James Peters on 8226 8580 or email