Ziggy the elf spreads festive cheer

Meet Ziggy the elf, who has ditched his shelf life to spread some Christmas cheer across Barossa tourist destinations.

The pint-sized Christmas character has been brought to life by his owner Tony Tscharke from Barossa Unique Tours.

Mr Tscharke shared how Ziggy was purchased locally “to carry on the magic of Christmas” and has been aptly named to highlight the Barossa’s German heritage.

This week, Mr Tscharke and wife Amanda agreed the elf would be well suited to join him on his trike and Mustang tours through the region, especially for some light-hearted antics. 

To the surprise of the Tscharkes, Ziggy has since gained the attention of hundreds of Instagram and Facebook followers through their business pages.

On Monday, Mr Tscharke announced to his social media followers “we have a new friend joining the crew leading up to Christmas, Ziggy the elf”.

“Keep an eye out for him over the festive period.”

Ziggy has since popped up in a variety of tourist spots with visitors on Mr Tscharke’s trike tours encouraging some of Ziggy’s mischievous behaviour.  

This weekend Ziggy will head out in the Tscharke’s Mustang to attend a wedding in Adelaide, with Mr Tscharke revealing how more antics would ensue. 

Mr Tscharke said each authentic Elf on the Shelf comes complete with a book outlining its background and intended purpose. 

The idea is no child is to touch their elf, with each pixie scout elf being the eyes to Santa to divulge who is naughty and who is nice.

He further added, how Ziggy could pop up over the years to complement his 11-year-old business during the festive season.

The concept was first highlighted in 2005 when Elf on a Shelf appeared in a children's picture book, written by Carol Aebersold and daughter Chanda Bell.

The book is a rhyming Christmas-themed story, describing elves visiting children between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

It further describes how Santa's elves on shelves hide in people's homes to watch over children.

Since the book’s release, Elf on a Shelf has become part of many families’ Christmas traditions.

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