Working with technology

Lawn bowls and technology are probably words not usually used in the same sentence very often.

With the pace of technological advances in the world today it will only be a matter of time before we see it more often than not in the game.

If technology can assist with the enjoyment of the game then it can be a good thing, but if it hinders it, there may be an argument for maintaining tradition.

Already we have seen, in recent times, the advancement in the actual bowls.

Bowls made for certain conditions and green types, bowls with particular bias and of course bowls with all types of colors and patterns.

Playing attire is now colourful and lightweight, designed for maximum comfort.

Footwear in particular, has improved out of sight, and it should when there is a need to be on your feet for several hours.

Electronic scoreboards have been around for a little while now but even this area is still advancing.

There are products out there that score each end of a lawn bowls game in a few clicks, via a tablet or a touch screen panel, and displays the end score and overall score. In some cases, you can order a drink without stopping play right from the scoreboard.

Advances in measuring devices also have recently moved towards electronic devices.

Whether it be measuring the length to the jack, checking if a bowl is still in bounds, or measuring for shot, there is equipment that will possibly be on the market in the near future that will accurately and quickly measure these scenarios.

Artificial playing surfaces have been around for some time now and this area has seen some improvements.

These surfaces definitely have their place in the game, but for me, you can’t beat turf greens as a playing surface.

There is just something about them that ticks all the boxes for me.

Covered playing surfaces are growing in popularity with clubs that can find a way to cover the cost.

One can see the positives having a roof overhead, not only to stay dry from those annoying summer showers but also to protect from all the health issues with standing out in the sun all afternoon.

The only downfall, in my eyes, with covered surfaces is it limits you to artificial greens.

Okay, that is not a bad thing but how great would it be to have the ability to retract a roof over a bowling green and only close it as required.

That may be a pipe dream due to the cost and the logistics of such a thing but who knows what the future may bring.