Steph’s abiding memory of 2017

Sport journalist Stephanie Konatar.

Sport journalist Stephanie Konatar.

My favourite memory from the Barossa Herald in 2017 was not necessarily one story, but all of the excitement and celebration surrounding the inaugural BLGW season.

The BLGW, formerly known as the Barossa, Light and Gawler Girls Football Competition, was established by chairperson Natalie Seaman and, despite some resistance in the early stages, it had the support of the local community behind it all the way.

As a female footballer myself I loved going out to meet some of these up-and-coming stars, like the group of Tanunda girls following in their father’s footsteps and the girls who went on to represent the area playing for Central District.

The grand final was such a special moment for all involved, for the premiers, they made history, they were the first to put female football in the Barossa on the map.

Darcie Brown won a flag for Kapunda in the under 15s, years after she thought her time as a Bombers footballer was over, while in the 17s the Dogs started the double premiership year for the Barossa.

However, more than anything I enjoyed hearing how special the competition was not just for the players, but the pride fathers felt to see their daughters carrying on that legacy – girls having the same opportunities as boys.