Softball is life for Bluejays’ star

Clubs you play for?

Bluejays Softball Club and Walkerville Softball Club.

How did you get into it?

I grew up around softball, and when I turned 11 I decided I wanted to play.

How long have you played?

Four seasons.

What’s been your greatest achievement so far?

When I got selected for the U15s South Australian team to play in Canberra.

Who has been a major influence on your career and why?

My Mum, because she has always done whatever was needed to get me to games, training, tryouts etc. She has sat through hours of trainings, games... everything.

Best current or former sporting talent in the area?

Jess Maslin.

If you could be any current or former player who would it be and why?

Chelsea Robinson, she is a catcher who has played for Walkerville, South Australia and for Australia. She is an inspiration to me.

​What can your teammates always rely on your for?

For being the voice on the field. Always trying to keep everyone’s spirits up.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

Make sure I have my bows in my hair for good luck.

What do you like to do outside of sport?

I love softball – I spend most of my time playing or training.

What sporting clubs do you support?

Adelaide Bite (baseball) and the Adelaide Strikers (t20 cricket)

Favourite player?

Belinda White.

Most memorable sporting moment?

2017 October long weekend comp – during the grand final, I hit a two-run home run. That was amazing, they were the only runs we got that whole game.

If you won lotto what would you spend it on?

I would travel the world, I would also build a softball diamond for Gawler.

Which teammate would you hate to be stuck in an elevator with?

I’d hate to be stuck in an elevator at all, wouldn’t matter who it was with.

Who is your funniest teammate and why?

Steph – she’s always laughing and it’s fun to play with her.

Which teammate would be your Phone a Friend on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Naomi – I feel like she knows a lot.