What Barossa dog registration fees pay for

More than 840 people have signed a petition in support of designated Barossa dogs parks.

The petition, led by Schubert MP Stephan Knoll, was created in mid October after community members raised disappointment over The Barossa Council’s decision to not support three separate dog park proposals under the Fund My Neighbourhood scheme.

The council’s reasoning included associated costs when considering their assessment of other dog parks within the state of between $100,000 and $300,000.

The outcome has since raised the question, so what do dog registration fees pay for if it’s not dog parks? 

According to the Barossa Council’s Dog and Cat management Act financial year budget summary, there is a total estimated $446,852 of expenses for 2017/18, with the total revenue from dog registration fees valued at $217,851.

This means a gap of $229,001 which is funded through general rates.

A breakdown of these figures provided by the council highlight that 59 percent of estimated expenses deal with customer service, processing of dog registrations, administration services, dog management services, and education and resolution of requests.

Thirty three percent of estimated expenses include operating costs and materials, vehicles, contractors and supporting costs.

A further five percent of estimated expenses are due to state government fees, three percent insurances and one percent for legal fees/other.

However, in some states, such as Victoria, which has more than 260 designated dog parks, dog registration fees pay for facilities which may go towards providing dog parks.

According to a Victorian government spokesperson, these facilities include off leash parks and fenced dog parks, dog poo bins and pounds and shelter facilities.

Current annual dog registration fees for both regular and concession payments under the Barossa Council are:

  • Standard Dog (desexed and microchipped) $40 regular, $20 concession.
  • Standard Dog (desexed, trained and microchipped) $32 and $16
  • Non-standard dog (desexed only) $48 and $24
  • Non-standard dog (microchipped only) $72 and $36
  • Non-standard dog (trained only) $72 and $36
  • Non-standard dog (desexed and trained) $40 and $20
  • Non-standard dog (trained & microchipped) $64 and $32
  • Non-standard dog (full registration) $80 and $40
  • Working livestock dog $23 and $23
  • Greyhounds registered with greyhound racing SA $23 and $23
  • Assistance dogs nil and nil
  • Transfer of registration from another council $5 and $5
  • Replacement registration disc $2 and $2
  • Late Registration Renewal Fee (if paid after 31 August) $20 and $20. 

The Barossa Herald urges people to ‘have your say’ on whether you think an increase in dog registration fees is a good move, or not, in support of dog parks in your area.

Feel free to either complete the poll (above) or leave a detailed answer through the survey (below).

Meanwhile, Mr Knoll is keen to see the vote tally reach a 1000 signatures before he next meets with the council to discuss dog parks for the Barossa.

“I am optimistic we will be able to come to a solution,” he told the Barossa Herald said earlier this month.

To support the petition, visit charge.org then type in ‘We call on The Barossa Council to create dog parks across towns in the Barossa’ and follow the prompts.