Questionable ethics surrounding animals

What of the eggs?

I certainly do not condone animal cruelty or any cruelty of any kind for that matter (re Diane Cornelius’ letter to the editor, Barossa Herald, October 25) but only a tiny proportion of farmed animals would be cruelly treated. For a start there are laws against it and the perpetrators stand a good chance of going to jail or fined.

Besides that an animal that is treated well will always do better than an animal that is treated cruelly, so if someone is cruel to their animals they will lose money. But of course vegans think it’s terrible to make money from animals, I don’t feel guilty at all. I’m helping to feed and clothe the world.

Ms Cornelius’ aim is to stop all animals being farmed, she doesn’t say what would happen to the multitude of animals already on earth. She says farmers can diversify but some land isn’t suitable for cropping especially in the vast arid regions of Australia and this land is very good grazing land it enables cattle to be raised organically.

Vegans say you can’t eat meat or use any animal product, I have three chooks they lay eggs if I want them to or not, I don’t force them to lay eggs they do it of theie own free will. So if I eat these eggs apparently that is detrimental for the chook, so what am I to do with these eggs?

Peter Schiller, Eudunda.


This state government are hypocrities! Here we have an abundance of uranium which can be used in safe nuclear stations to give the punters cheap reliable power, yet we sell it to others overseas who have nuclear plans! Unbelievable!!

Geoff Bowden, Williamstown.

Health first for Winx?

In relation to an article I read titled “Health first for Winx”, I have a question for her connections.

If in fact the care, protection, a long happy life for this great horse that has already won many millions of dollars, and not more prize money, is the priority, then why in heaven’s name put her through gruelling plane flights to Japan and England? I can never understand why that is acceptable or is it just the way things are in thoroughbred racing? Whichever way one looks at this agenda, there has to be a risk to the horse?

Also, part-owner Peter Tighe is quoted as saying that Winx will be a better mother “if she’s not run into the ground”? Reading between the lines, it is my opinion that indeed many horses are run into the ground by unscrupulous people in the industry, and are therefore clearly expendable? How can this be justified?

The whole industry needs cleaning up and in my view, far too many horses are bred in the first place. How many hundreds of thousands around the world end up as pet food, or indeed for human consumption?

Alex Hodges, Birdwood.

Rest in peace


Passed away peacefully on 26 October 2017 as a result of experienced, proven first-class players, Michael Klinger and Ed Cowan being over-looked for selection in preference to young players of potential, but not having earnt their chance at first-class cricket.

The sporting public sincerely thank Cricket Australia for de-valuing the standard of the premier national cricket competition in this country but will hold, forever, in our memories Sheffield Shield cricket when it was at a standard higher than many Test-playing countries.

Rick Drewer, Gawler East.