Letters to the editor

Soft plastic recycling

I would like to inform you of my concern on the current issue known as ‘soft plastic recycling’. Soft plastic waste is any type of plastic that is soft or flexible, that means these plastics can be easily scrunched into some type of shape or broken when crushed by your hands. Some examples of these are bread, pasta, chip and lolly packets, as well as biscuit packets and trays and old ‘green bags’. I would like to share with you a few points on why I am concerned about soft plastic waste around the Barossa.

Firstly I would like to know where we as locals are able to recycle our soft plastics, and if there is a depot nearby. I bring this up as recently I watched ABC’s War on Waste and I was shocked to see that Coles and Woolworths say that they recycle all soft plastics, when really most of them end up in your state’s main dump. The problem with this is that soft plastics never properly biodegrade, there will always be little bits and pieces floating around. I am concerned about false representation of Coles and Woolworths and I am also worried that the same happens here locally. I have found out that our closest Integrated Waste service is in Adelaide the address is ‘Lot 254 Cnr Hines and Wingfield Road’ another place is the ‘Southern Region Waste and Recycling Centre’ this is located near Morphett Vale. As we live in the Barossa region it is over an hour just to get to these places. It is also most likely that they would not allow citizens in unless they have a special pass or work there. I would like to know where the people of the Barossa are able to recycle their soft plastics, and do they really go to a special place where they get melted down and turned back into other plastics?

In conclusion I feel as though I have made my point clear on why I’m concerned about soft plastic waste and what we are doing to stop it. As a community we can stop this by having local bins for soft plastic this means we can go locally to bins instead of driving to Gawler or to the city just to recycle the soft plastic, this will help our environment because there won’t be soft plastics flying around and possibly killing wildlife. This is the main effect from soft plastic lying around and it needs to be stopped hence why in conclusion I think that The Barossa Council should look into soft plastic recycling bins as it is a cause that needs to be stopped.

Danielle Lange, Tanunda.

Rate capping

I would have been shocked if Mayor Sloane had been in favour of rate capping, this would not be in his interests, the Nuriootpa ratepayer should put to the test at the next council elections. Nuriootpa was first settled in 1854, since then and from the 1930s footpaths or pathways as the mayor wishes to call them have been an under developed gravel path. Only when the building development started to happen have the newer areas been graced with proper footpaths and natural gas. The federal government is insisting that everybody aged old or young must have the NBN, in this day and age everybody in a city or town area should have proper foothpaths and natural gas.

The mayor tells me that the floodway is a "drain", the DEWNR who under the NRM collects a levy on all ratepayers tell me that the floodway is a natural waterway under the responsibility of the local council, at the end of Aramon St in September 2015 the council workers performed a repair off the floodway but used a large wheeled tractor to help them. They drove down and out numerous times in the floodway and left deep wheel ruts that are now a complete disgrace, not letting the water flow correctly, a past council built an island to protect the gum trees that were in the floodway, an excellent piece of work. The mayor told me that the site was looked at by the works engineers who decided that it was not worth the repair, well two years on it is now a unwarranted mess, the mower man cannot cut the grass, the ducks love it, sad.

Jack Discombe, Nuriootpa.

Truly inspirational

What a true inspiration our Redbacks skipper, Travis Head, was during the One Day Cup Final, walking around the field with his hands in his pockets the majority of the time! Now that's leadership by example, not.

Rick Drewer, Gawler East.

What’s new

Why is it not surprising to learn that 6400 people have left this state in 2015-16! Probably as the cost of electricity is the highest in the world would have something to do with it as companies can’t afford it and therefore are unable to employ people along with the highest taxes that have been introduced by a totally incompetent dictatorial Labor regime. They don't care who’s unemployed as once that happens they become a federal government case.

Geoff Bowden, Williamstown.

In reply

I see my letter about farmed animal cruelty prompted a reply from a sheep farmer. Peter Schiller’s letter stated, “The better I look after them the more money I can make”. Profit is always the bottom line.

Many consumers are unaware of the unseen atrocities committed on all species of gentle farmed animals caught up in our food chain. People are disconnected from animal body parts and their by-products, displayed in pristine plastic wraps in supermarkets. Naturally, animal production would slowly reduce over time, allowing farmers to take the opportunity to diversify into more sustainable food production.

If the crops needed to feed animals were used directly to feed people starvation would be a thing of the past! Animals would not starve, Mr Schiller, as their numbers would proportionally reduce as less would be bred for consumption. More arable land would be available to grow human food, rather than animal feed. Sadly the land is already degraded due to animal agriculture.

Diane Cornelius, Seacliff Park.

Energy policy

The federal government’s new energy policy announced last week to scrap the clean energy target and scrap subsidies for renewable energy is a great idea.

All forms of power generation will be on a more level playing field.

The Greens and Labor have repeatedly said they want to get rid of all coal fired power stations and they want to increase the clean energy target to 50 per cent which would result in more wind farms and less reliable and more expensive power.

It doesn’t matter how much wind or solar generation you have there will always be times when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining, we will always need baseload power whether that is coal, gas, hydro or nuclear.

This policy will encourage coal or gas fired power stations to remain open or new ones to be built which is the common sense thing to do.

The fiercest critic of this policy was Jay Weatherill, the state government has a dismal record in the area of power generation, most people would agree that we had a much more reliable power supply when Labor first came into power.

Peter Schiller, Eudunda.

Fall guy?

Without condoning, for one moment, the predatory behaviour of Harvey Weinstein, should it be that he, seemingly, becomes the singular, symbolically the fall guy for all the hundreds, if not thousands of powerfully placed males around the world, including the current President of the US?

Rick Drewer, Gawler East.