New early learners centre at Investigator College


After several years of preparing and community consultation, Investigator College is now well into planning for the opening of a new Early Learners Centre (ELC) in early 2018.

The new program will cater for children from 3.5 to 5 years of age. College Principal, Mr Don Grimmett, made a point of the name of the centre.

“The centre is called the Early Learners Centre, rather than Learning, because our central focus at the College is our young people, our learners,” he said.

“Our young people are at the centre of everything we do. They are the reason we are here.”

This Reggio Emilia inspired Early Learners Centre will draw from the most contemporary, researched based methodology for preschool learners.

The Early Learners Centre will be a vibrant, state-of-the-art, child-centred environment in which children:

  • are valued as competent, curious, resilient and capable learners.
  • are inspired towards lifelong learning.
  • express their learning in various ways.
  • are at the centre of learning. Their questions and interests are the foundation of their learning.
  • are an important part of a community and culture in which teachers, parents and children work together.
  • build great relationships that are foundational to optimal learning.
  • experience learning that is documented and presented to know children’s perspective, understanding and interests.
  • will enjoy a physical environment designed to inspire and encourage exploration of creativity and curiosity.

With an emphasis on play based learning and nature play, the setting of the new ELC will provide both structured and unstructured [natural] stimuli to draw children into a rigorous, yet fun filled learning experience.

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An extensive garden/nature play area adjacent to the new centre will be readily accessed by the children.

Principal Grimmett said that he was excited by the prospect of addressing the learning needs of the families of the South Coast with a complete ELC to year 12 educational service.

“The opportunity to develop a pre-school of learning excellence is significant and exciting,” he said.

“The provision of a program where young children will approach their learning with confidence in a safe and seamless Early Learners Centre is something about which the College is passionate and committed to doing well.” 

Families who are interested in receiving further information or seeking to register their interest are encouraged to contact Registrar Julie Brentson on 8555 7511.

This story New early learners centre first appeared on The Times.