Letters to the editor, October 18

Cost of the paint, maybe

After nearly three years, 1095 days or so, of exchange of communications between myself, Scott Reid, the then Team Leader of Engineering Services at the Gawler Council, Tony Haynes and Mayor, Karen Redman, concerning safety issues at the notorious road intersections of Eyre Street, Duffield Street and Rudall Street, Gawler East, situated at the crest of the hill, naturally restricting vision of on-coming traffic and where illegal parking necessitated dangerous and illegal manoeuvres to negotiate these  intersections, it would seem that, at last, common sense has won the day. After repeatedly suggesting to the council that painting continuous yellow "no parking" lines in all appropriate areas of these intersections would alleviate the danger and risk, to be greeted with communications from Mr Reid and Mrs Redman, in particular, that "yellow lines at this intersection is deemed not to be required as it exceeds the requirements of the Traffic Act", the requested yellow lines were painted on Thursday, October 5! So what has changed then? Certainly not the Traffic Act! Perhaps it's a case of "never let safety and common sense get in the way of technicalities and being pedantic". Or, to be fair to council, perhaps it took them nearly three years to save up the cost of the paint!

Rick Drewer, Gawler East.


Re H and J Scholz letter, Barossa and Light Herald, October 11. Thanks for attempting to enlighten me, good folks, but to be convinced, firstly I'd have to believe that the bible was a text of science and historical fact and I don't, because it's not. Secondly, probably within the next 10 years any definition of marriage in any dictionary will include the concept that marriage is a legal union between two consenting adults because it will be by then. As it happens, the Merriam-Webster dictionary even now defines marriage as "the mutual relation of married persons" and "an act of marrying or the rite by which a marriage is affected" and finally "the state of being united as spouses in a consensual and contractual relationship recognised by law" which it is now throughout much of the English-speaking world regardless of gender. Australia will catch up soon too and dictionaries will change as will biblical interpretation.

Some people won't though, but it won't make a great deal of difference because after all, marriage is a private state and no-one's business but the law and the pair involved.

Ruth Colben, Eudunda.

Vaccine debate

Rick Drewer asks what has neurosurgery to do with vaccination (Barossa Herald, October 4). Well I am sure a neurosurgeon who scans the brain of a vaccinated child will be able to see evidence of encephalitis caused by vaccination.

But more importantly Rick Drewer derides Dr Blaylock and has not answered my questions I posed in my previous letter. Dr. Blaylock has written a paper The Deadly Impossibility of Herd Immunity Through Vaccination. If Dr Blaylock is wrong then why has Rick Drewer not provided me with the peer reviewed scientific double blind placebo trials that have been done to prove that herd immunity exists in a vaccinated population, trials which show that for herd immunity to work 95 per cent of the population has to be vaccinated while Prime Minister Turnbull told me 100pc vaccination is required. I again ask Rick Drewer to provide me with the peer reviewed double blind placebo trials which prove that vaccines are safe, have no term side effects, that vaccines provide immunity and how long they provide immunity for. Perhaps he might also be kind enough to tell me why the US Government has paid out $US3.5 billion to children who have been damaged by vaccines, if vaccines are safe. I believe the definition of the word safe has been changed in regard to vaccinations. I look forward to Rick Drewer finally providing me with the information I am requesting. With regard to M. Houston I wonder if they met Elvis and he told them that vaccines are dangerous would they believe Elvis. With regard to a flat earth, I don't have to worry because God's word tells me the earth is round.

Geoffrey Fromm, Angaston.

Tanunda’s dying trees

As the spring growth is emerging on Tanunda’s street trees it is evident that many are in decline. Every day you hear the roar and buzz of the tree mulchers as they consume and spit out the smashed pieces of another dying tree. Some say that the trees are reaching their natural lifespan. How do we know if this is their natural lifespan - or if are we are sending them to a premature death? Take a good look around at the ever increasing amount of hot, dark hard, compacted and/or bitumenised surfaces in our town. These surfaces are making it impossible for water and nutrients to penetrate the surface at all to become available to the trees. Sadly bitumen is even being placed right up against the trunks of our street trees.

The hard surfacing of the footpath in Park Street is the latest example. The footpath is now black, hot and hard and the rainwater which used to be available to the trees is now to go literally down the drain which has been built right in the middle of the footpath. There will be a lot less groundwater available every year now to these trees.

The very old lovely healthy stand of oak trees in Park Street won’t die this year or next. If we look back in 10 years time what we will see then? Will we see these generous giants reaching the end of their lifespan due to lack of water and nutrients and headed for the mulcher? In an increasing dry and hot climate why, why do we think it is a good idea to put precious rain water down the drain? Take a good look around folks of Tanunda. Notice what is happening to the trees and this environment. If you don’t like what you see - then have something to say.

Name and address supplied.