Lyndoch motel given preliminary nod

A concept image of the Lyndoch motel.
A concept image of the Lyndoch motel.

The recently mooted $5 million Lyndoch motel development has been agreed to in principle by the Barossa Assessment Panel, with consideration to the environment.

The motel development and associated restaurant is planned for 48 Barossa Valley Way, Lyndoch, next door to the former Schild Estate cellar door.

The proposal of a two-storey building, lodged by applicant Rick D’Andrea of D’Andrea Associates, involves 15 motel rooms on a 1318 square metre site.

While panel members gave a preliminary nod to the development during their Tuesday, October 4, meeting, elected member Grant Hewitt pointed out consideration needed to be given to storm water with regards to nearby vineyards.

He expressed concerns over heavy rainfalls with possible water run-off into the motel and highlighted "flood damage issues".

Mr Hewitt said he did not want to see a nearby vineyard owner being implicated for flood damage.

"We don't want it (environmental issues) to be raised at a later date,” Mr Hewitt added.

As a result of the discussion, a storm water drainage plan is to be determined for allotments affected by boundary realignment to the satisfaction of the council.

Panel members agreed that all storm water generated by the development would be appropriately collected and disposed of without entering or jeopardising the safety of the adjacent arterial road network.

The panel further agreed that the applicant be reminded of its general environmental duty to “take all reasonable and practical measures to ensure that its activities on the whole site, including during construction, do not pollute the environment in any way which causes or has the potential to cause environmental harm”.

In addition, the members agreed to consideration of vehicle access points to be suitably widened to Barossa Valley Way to allow convenient entry and exit movements in order to minimise disruption to the free flow of general traffic.