Letters to the editor

In reply to Diane Cornelius who is appalled that we humans kill and eat animals (Barossa Herald, October 4).

I’m a sheep farmer and I look after my animals to the best of my ability. I need to make sure they have enough feed and that they do not get flyblown because if they do they can very quickly die a painful death.

The better I look after them the more money I can make from them.

But it’s not just about the money, it’s satisfying to have good sheep with good wool, but of course these people do not want us to use wool or eat eggs or milk, they do not want us to make money at all from animals.

Diane and people like her think that if we don’t kill these animals that then these animals could live out their lives carefree until they die from old age.

But consider this, if we didn’t kill 65 billion animals a year for food in just one year there would be 65 billion extra animals plus what the farmers retain for breeding.

Very soon the land will be overstocked there would be massive dust storms the environmentalists would be up in arms, and the animals would slowly starve to death instead of having a quick humane death in a slaughter house. Who would look after these animals now that they are worthless and the farmers have gone broke? Also because of more stock on the land there would be less land available for growing crops so it would be a double whammy, we can’t eat meat and there’s less food from crops. Where will the food come from for 7.5 billion people?

Peter Schiller, Eudunda.

Redefining marriage

In reply to Ruth Colben's letter (Barossa Herald, October 4), where she questions how and why we (in our Letter to the Editor, September 27) think a successful "yes" vote would redefine marriage. We get our 'intelligent' information from two readily available sources, first and foremost the Bible where we find several references to creation, marriage and divorce, to mention a few. Please read it, very informative, you will find references in Malachi 2: 15 and in Genesis regarding creation of males and females with the instruction to be fruitful and multiply. This newspaper is not the appropriate place to explain in detail, why same-sex couples cannot be fruitful and multiply. The second source is the Colllins English Dictionary. Marriage: The state or relationship of being husband and wife. The contract made by a man and woman to live together as husband and wife.

Regarding divorce rates. Refer again to the Bible. If people weren't so selfish and rather practice unconditional love in marriage, there would be less divorce and less crime.

The Marriage Act as it stands reads “Marriage is the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life”. Therefore a successful 'yes' vote would definitely redefine marriage.

We realise that the gay people in our country would like to be treated like everyone else, but changing the marriage law is not going to solve that. Instead it will restrict freedom of speech, parent's rights and religious freedom.

H and J Scholz, Eudunda.

In praise of Barossa Taxis

We recently made use of an access cab with Barossa Taxis for the first time and can't praise the service highly enough. The driver arrived on time. He explained what he was doing each step of the way so we knew the wheel chair was securely in place. He spoke to my sister in her wheelchair to let her know when he was going to operate the lifter so she wasn't taken by surprise. His driving was smooth with no sudden jerks around corners and he slowed right down for spoon drains, even mentioning there was one coming up. The driver was able to give us information and answer our questions. He picked us up on time for the return journey. We were most impressed with the service and are confident about recommending it to other people who need an access taxi.

Marie Vonow (family carer) and Carrie Page (wheelchair user), Gawler.