Traffic Thursday shines light on headlights

Today SA Police is shining a spotlight on lighting offences, including the inappropriate use of fog lamps, during its ongoing Traffic Thursday education campaign.

The monthly campaign, unveiled in July, is focused on educating South Australian road users about the road rules that commonly cause frustration or confusion among motorists.

September’s Traffic Thursday operation will zero in on drivers using their fog lamps in clear conditions, motorists driving without effective lights, and motorists using their headlights to dazzle other road users.

“We continue to target those behaviours that cause significant frustration to drivers, and in turn, lead to risky or dangerous behaviour on our roads,” Officer in Charge of Traffic Support Branch Superintendent Anthony Fioravanti said.

“Our Traffic Thursday operation is about reinforcing, via community discussion and enforcement, the courteous behaviours we all learn when we’re first taught to drive.”

Police spoke with more than 400 drivers about the correct use of indicators during last month’s Traffic Thursday operation.

“We have been very pleased with the public response to date. There’s a clear knock-on benefit for all road users when we’re able to educate those drivers we encounter during this operation.

“One behaviour of particular concern to motorists is other drivers’ misuse of fog lamps, or failure to dip their high beams for oncoming traffic.”

Under the Australian Road Rules the following applies:

  • S217(1)                Use fog lights when not permitted  
  • S215(1)                Drive at night or in hazardous weather without effective lights
  • S218(1)                Use headlights on high-beam when not permitted
  • S219                     Use light to dazzle other road users

“Using your fog lamps or high beams when it’s inappropriate to do so can dazzle oncoming drivers, meaning it’s difficult for them to see the lanes or identify hazards on the road,” Supt Fioravanti said.

“When your lights are excessively bright, they can also affect visibility for the driver you are following.

“It’s as simple as switching a light on – or off.”

Each of these offences carries a $238 (excluding a $60 Victims of Crime Levy) fine, and results in one Demerit point.

Any person witnessing dangerous driving behaviour is urged to call Traffic Watch on 131 444 as soon as it is safe to do so.