Learning about Monarto Zoo

Monarto Zoo, Australia’s largest open range zoo, was the subject at our September meeting, when guests Maureen and Bob Wake, volunteers at the zoo, brought us a Powerpoint presentation of some of the animals and their stories

We learned the chimpanzees food bill is $850 a week, an adult rhinoceros could weigh 2000kg, a giraffe’s heart pumps 61 litres of blood every minute and zebra stripes are all different and can be identified like our fingerprints.

At Monarto you can travel on a shuttle bus, get off at viewing platforms, or walk the connecting 10km trail through the Mallee to the platforms to see the animals roaming free.

The Zoo is involved in conservation, research and breeding programs for endangered exotic species and works with the Adelaide Zoo.

The plant of the month was the Federation Daisy which is the Australian-bred Marguerite daisy (argyanthemum frutescens).

It is a native of the Canary Islands.

This colourful plant is easy to grow and flowers from autumn to spring.

It likes full sun and well drained soil. Keep it in shape by a light trim but never cut it back hard if it becomes spindly, just cut back in stages waiting for new shoots to appear before cutting more.

Birthday greetings to Linda and Richard, and the raffle winners were Connie, Lyn and Wendy.

The winners of the competition for a small flower arrangement were Tricia Sloper, Robyn Denner and Jean Randall.

Members were asked to start potting up plants for our stall at the Christmas Parade on December 10.

Next meeting is September 25 as there is no meeting in October.

We will drive to Springton to visit the old German School Museum and then on to Rose Russell’s garden for a tour followed by afternoon tea.

Car pool will leave Church Hall at 1pm sharp. Maps will be available.