Supermarket a ‘coming of age’ milestone

The proposal to build an 1100-square metre supermarket in Williamstown is a resounding vote of confidence in the town’s future.

While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea – and we’ve already heard from locals concerned it will ruin the “country” feel of the town – the reality is this Southern Barossa town has been growing exponentially for a number of years now.

It was only a matter of time before such a project was proposed.

Such an investment should be looked upon favourably by not only residents and local business, but also council.

It reaffirms The Barossa Council’s decision to invest in multiple projects across this part of the region, including the impressive Southern Barossa Hub.

The council’s investment in developing Warren Reservoir as a water sports facility, and using Williamstown’s Queen Victoria Jubilee Park to develop non-traditional sporting, outdoor adventure and leisure activities, will only ensure tourism figures to this part of the Barossa continue to increase.

To meet tourism – as well as local population growth – demands, attention now needs to be turned to providing better, more easily accessible facilities.

A supermarket is just the beginning, and marks Williamstown’s “coming of age” as a serious tourist and lifestyle destination.

We can only imagine there will now be increased interest to develop other facilities, such as a petrol station, in and around the town.

As someone who was born, grew up in, and has now returned to Williamstown, I’m excited to see a South Australian business investing in my home town.

As a teenager, there were very few opportunities for part time jobs without travelling out of town – which is difficult when relying on parents for transport.

The potential ongoing job opportunities with a local supermarket will no doubt we welcomed by young families looking to build a future in the town.

Who knows, if more interest is shown in local development and tourism projects, job prospects may become even more favourable for the area.

This could go a long way to retaining youth in the Southern Barossa.

 – Carla Wiese-Smith is editor of the Barossa Herald, and a Williamstown local of 30+ years.

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