Race to finals spots is on | GALLERY

Well, sports fans, it's getting to the sharp and pointy end of the season – much like my pencil and piece of chalk, scribbling down the totes for this season's Business End. Or like the tips of my waxed moustachios, gloriously twisted to a fine tip that would make Hercule Poirot jealous, mon cher.

And those fine tips just about had icicles hanging off them again with the glorious weather from last weekend being packed away neatly in the toy cupboard like the Lego collection the grandies have stored at our place, and I'm just hoping the sunshine spills out just as enthusiastically as one of the little 'uns tipping that said box straight onto the lounge room floor. And that it doesn't develop into a heat wave like we saw a couple of years ago.

So the Parrots seal top spot and go straight through to the Round of Chocolate; the Canaries will be hoping to step on the Legs’ feet and join once again in the Battle of Aviary.

Gawler, of course, have other plans and this will be a tight tussle… both games next week are really dead rubbers, as the Blockies are not in contention in this grade – but they are suddenly playing good hockey and will be playing for pride.

I'm tipping Gawler to bow out and the aviary to be full of squawks on the day.

In the top women, Gawler have sealed top spot and the Blockies have all but sealed second on percentage even if they drop the last two games.

Third spot is still live and I would expect the Parrots to claim it as the Canaries have to beat the Legs in the last round.

I can't see the Legs dropping the bundle but Nuri took them to penalties last year and made me almost eat my words, so anything can – and usually does – happen.

The B mens comp is sorted now – the young Blockies drew with the young Parrots in a tense game; while the old Squarejaws got set against the older Parrots.

My Stripey mates had the bye, and the young Canaries chirped loudly in the derby game.

The Old Collegians sent the Legs to detention for the week; this was the game that could have completely upset the apple cart.

However, it's the young Blockies on top in clear; Trinity second and can't be dropped, with the old Blockies having the bye this week.

The Canaries and the Maggies will renew old rivalries once again in their battle of birdbath and the Canaries may have the fitness over the old guys.

Interestingly, while the ladder was live until this week, all matches are pretty much dead rubbers this week.

It's been fantastic watching this grade and no game has been certain.

The B women have the top two signed up in the Legs from the south and the Blockies.

The Parrots play the Old Collegians in a battle for third and fourth; but if my Stripey girls beat Nuri and the Parrots beat Trinity, then Trinity could get knocked out of the four.

I wring my hands in glee and shuffle my abacus beads in anticipation.

In the 18s, Nuri play Clare at the fortress which will be a great game to watch, and they need to beat them to bump my Stripey mates out. The top game is a dead rubber.

The 15s comp has been all the Maggies this year and they will play Clare in the final round.

In the 13s the top four are sealed in their spots with over a game between each place.

I'm expecting the little Maggies to go through the major game and I'm tipping the little Parrots to nip the little Legs in a very close game. This is a game I'm looking forward to watching.

There are some interesting battles shaping up over the next couple of weeks, and I'm more excited than big Kev selling some goo remover in a fish market.

Til next week folks, when it all begins in earnest… 

 – Mr Hockey