Traffic Thursday indication

ROAD SAFETY: Education is the key focus of SAPOL's Traffic Thursday campaign.
ROAD SAFETY: Education is the key focus of SAPOL's Traffic Thursday campaign.

Twenty five SA motorists were hit in the hip pocked yesterday after they were issued expiation notices for failing to use their indicators correctly.

They were among 468 state-wide drivers who were stopped and questioned by police during the Traffic Thursday campaign.

This new monthly initiative used by SA Police – in conjunction with Operation Safe Roads – works to highlight specific road rules.

The education-focused campaign highlighted indicator use – with police chatting to motorists to pay attention to the road rules including turning signals.

As a result, each of the offences could result in a fine, plus two demerit points. 

The failure to cancel a signal or misuse of a direction indicator carries a fine of $207 (plus $60 victims of crime levy), while the other offences are a $310 expiation.

“These road rules are policed as a matter of normal police business, but Traffic Thursday allows us to throw a spotlight on offences,” officer in charge of Traffic Support Branch, superintendent Anthony Fioravanti said..

“We want to influence drivers’ behaviour around Australian road rules that they appear to forget or misunderstand as this can lower overall driver frustration and make the roads safer for us all.”

The next Traffic Thursday will occur in September with the targeted road rule to be announced the day before.

Anyone witnessing dangerous driving is encouraged to report this behaviour to Traffic Watch by calling 131 444 as soon as it is safe to do so.