Beccy Cole and Adam Harvey's 2017 Barossa visit

TALENTED DUO: Beccy Cole and Adam Harvey to appear live in Tanunda.
TALENTED DUO: Beccy Cole and Adam Harvey to appear live in Tanunda.

Beccy Cole openly admits she looks forward to sipping a few glasses of wine and stocking up on gourmet products each time she heads to the Barossa.

So it’s no surprise the acclaimed country singer is pretty excited to be heading back to the Barossa for a stage performance on August 26.

“I’m a late night red girl and a early evening white girl,” she laughed

And of course, she’s thrilled to be performing to an audience alongside “good buddy” – country musician Adam Harvey.

Currently living in Mitcham, Beccy is often travelling Australia for gigs and always looks forward to her SA tours.

It also means staying close to her son Ricky, step daughter Maisy and partner Libby.

Meanwhile, teaming up with Adam has been easy she said, because of their larrikin antics on the stage.

“People have said how they also enjoy the humour our shows bring,” she said.

The two joined on stage about 10 years ago and have since sung together on 19 tours.

However, the two first crossed musical paths during a Gina Jefferys show.

Beccy explained how Adam helped her out by pushing her son in the pram while she was performing.

“That child is now 18 years old,” she said.

The two hit it off ever since and the on stage antics more so stem from the continual ribbing with Beccy’s love for Adelaide Crows and Adam’s loyalty for Essendon.

Beccy and Adam now call on the Barossa to come and enjoy their company during The Great Country Songbook Volume II Tour, which heads to the Barossa Convention Centre, Tanunda, on Saturday, August 26.

This album and tour follows the original 2013 release of The Great Country Songbook album and tour, by Adam and multi-award winning artist, Troy Cassar-Daley.

The tour will see Adam and Beccy performing songs from their long awaited and first full album together.

Both have handpicked the most classic country music duets of all time for volume two of this album project.

Together they have brought back some of the most famous country combinations of all time; classic duets recorded by Johnny Cash and June Carter, George Jones and Tammy Wynette, plus more.

If you’re looking forward to night of quality musical entertainment and plenty of banter then get in quick to secure your tickets by phoning 8561 4299 or visit