Travis David Saegenschnitter in Adelaide Magistrate's Court

Barossa man Travis David Saegenschnitter – accused of taking more than $1 million from a Lyndoch school – appeared again in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Monday, July 17.

The 33-year-old and former business manager for St Jakobi Lutheran School was alleged to have taken a total of $1,003,638 during a three-year period from 2013-16.

He was arrested in November 2016 following an extensive investigation by SA Police detectives after they were alerted to the missing finances by the school. 

On May 22, Mr Saegenschnitter appeared in court and pleaded guilty to one count of fraud after being charged with more than 700 counts of alleged aggravated theft.

Travis David Saegenschnitter. (File pic)

Travis David Saegenschnitter. (File pic)

On Monday, Judge White partly heard counts one to 705 made against Mr Saegenschnitter which have since been adjourned for negotiation. 

Details have not yet emerged as to how the alleged fraud was committed.

Mr Saegenschnitter was remanded on bail.

He is due to reappear in court in August.