South Australia's annual kangaroo count begins

Some of South Australia’s kangaroos will be having their photos taken as part of the state’s annual aerial count.

From this week, until about July 18, the survey will cover an area of about 210,000 square kilometres.

The Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources survey has been carried out since 1978 and provides valuable information on trends in kangaroo populations.

The survey covers pastoral and agricultural areas, starting between Burra and Renmark before moving to areas north of Port Augusta, covering pastoral lands on either side of the Flinders Ranges, then to the Gawler Ranges and Eyre Peninsula.

Last year’s kangaroo population was estimated to be 2.65 million red kangaroos, 1.49 million western grey kangaroos and 564,000 euros.

Surveying indicates that kangaroo populations are largely responsive to climatic conditions, with populations generally decreasing during droughts and recovering in good conditions. Given good seasonal conditions over the last few years, some pastoral properties are reporting very high numbers of kangaroos. Further information is available on the DEWNR website.