Williamstown Garden Club June meeting

At our June meeting Anita Corbran from SA Birds of Prey Rehabilitation spoke on her work in rescuing injured birds.

Anita is called to all parts of the state to collect injured raptors and if it is able to be rehabilitated, she tries to have it is released back into its own territory by the person who found it injured, which they find very satisfying.

Anita advised sick or injured birds should be placed in a warm, dark, quiet place and not to feed them until a vet or specialist has made an examination.

Wire cages cause feather damage and large cardboard boxes are ideal for temporary housing.

Her own flight enclosures are lined with shade cloth to prevent birds flying against the wire.

She has Hacking Boxes, which are used to release young birds.

Hacking is a procedure used to release young raptors, providing supplementary food whilst they gain hunting skills.

It mimics what would happen naturally when it would be supported by its parents for a short time before gaining independence.

Members enjoyed a most interesting powerpoint presentation with wonderful photos of various birds of prey and of some being released back into their own territory.

Plant of the month: Schizanthus or Poor Man’s Orchid.

A colourful winter growing annual belonging to the Nightshade family. Needs rich, well drained soil. Likes morning sun, cool breezes. Plant in pots or window boxes but wait until nearly dry before watering as roots are subject to rot.

Competition: Kathy, Connie, Kim. Birthdays: Chris, Lesley, Tricia, Kathy.

Next Meeting: July 3 at 1pm.

Subject: herbs.

Competition: a herb.

(A soup and rolls meeting).