Letters to the editor

Community mindedness and generosity

As president of the Lone Pine (Tanunda) Agricultural Bureau I would like to express on behalf of the bureau our thanks to the many sponsors who support us in our endeavours in putting together the bureau stand each year at the Tanunda Show.

For many years there has been over 30 wineries who generously donate wine to this stand each year and ask for nothing in return. The Community Store came on board as our major sponsor some years ago to ensure that this display remains for years to come. They in turn introduced us to Nocelle Foods who once they saw photos of the stand jumped on board immediately as they couldn’t believe such displays exist in country shows anymore and have pledged their ongoing support. Such entities deserve the rightful thanks and praise for their community mindedness, their selflessness and support enables our organisation and many other organisations in our community to continue in their endeavours to keep such events going, truly a wonderful gesture on their part. So from myself and all our members please accept our heartfelt thanks for your amazing support as these are the things that make me proud to be a Barossan.

Grant Dahlitz, president, Lone Pine (Tanunda) Agricultural Bureau.

Barossa targeted

Make no mistake – the utterly pointless wind power industry now has the Barossa looking down both barrels of its subsidy-loaded gun. The whole Barossa region must face the prospect of approximately 200 enormous turbines spread across its southern, eastern and northern flanks. The cumulative impact, both visual and acoustic, will be felt far and wide.

With sadness, people in my area are watching on as Ebenezer, Koonunga, Kapunda, Truro, Dutton, Bagot Well and other communities are targeted by the same ruthless industry that has already dealt us a savage blow. It preys on apathy, ignorance and gullibility – and, too often, successfully finds it. It is masterful at turning people against people, in order to get its hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies from every one of us who dares to use electricity.

It knows its product is pathetic in powering modern society. But money matters more. It will think nothing of ruining your homes, your farms and your hip pockets. It will think nothing of leaving you in the dark time and time again.

It will think nothing of pounding the areas with low frequency noise and infrasound. It knows exactly what it’s doing. Authorities just look the other way. The industry largely wrote the rules of its existence to suit and protect itself. Governments everywhere disgracefully bowed to its every wish.

So, once again, we are likely to watch environment protection authorities, local councils and state and federal government departments give nothing but lip service to badly impacted communities – then roll out the red carpet for the industry, and set meaningless planning ‘conditions’.

The industry knows no one will hold it to account. We are likely to watch it try to silence those who can reveal every dirty trick and every false statement made to unsuspecting people. Its tactics are filthy. Community ‘consultations’ are a sham.

I hope people can unite to protect the peace and beauty of the northern Barossa. Lame promises of so-called ‘community funds’ will never buy it back. My home is apparently lost to the brutal ‘green’ energy gravy train. I sincerely hope yours won’t be.

M Teusner, Eden Valley.

From Tanunda Town Band

To our Faithful Patrons of Melodienacht

By the time you are all reading this the Tanunda Town Band will be just arriving in Manchester, United Kingdom, to commence our tour of the UK.

On behalf of the committee and players of the Tanunda Town Band, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for supporting our 51st performances of Melodienacht over the weekend.

This year we focused on bringing you local talent and we only had to look in our backyard to find such talent as Phillipa Lynas and Elizabeth Alderslade also including South Australians Andrew Crispe and Nathan Stafford.

We will do our very best to represent Australia but most importantly promote our wonderful Barossa Valley region.

The band is very humbled by your support both financially and for the well wishes received, we are truly grateful.

We look forward to serving our community when we arrive home and look forward to Melodienacht 2018.

Eric Molenaar, president, Tanunda Town Band.

Bethany Pioneers

We are looking for any old information on the first German Pioneers that settled at Bethany in the 1840s. Any old photos of houses or any history books that we can share would be appreciated. Hoping someone in the Barossa can help us as there is very little information around. Please contact Max Hage on 0477926352 or Dean Hage on 0435803980.

Crystal clear

Concerning the increase to $1 to post a letter by Australia Post, all has become crystal clear! 

It has nothing to do with a decline in the number of letters being posted, it was designed to cover the cost of issuing brand-new "flash harry" bright yellow protective helmets to all posties on the beat, to replace the white ones that they have been wearing.

No doubt, the bright yellow colour will give added protection to the wearer in the unfortunate case of an accident, and hopefully they will be able to keep the white ones to wear in their sheds at home.

Rick Drewer, Gawler East.