Blayke Lane remembers Mum on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a day to say thank you to all the Mums around the world, and for Gawler’s Blayke Lane, it was the first without his Mum, Di.

Blayke said that his Mum was a strong and selfless person.

“Mum was one of the most important figures in my life, along with dad,” he said.

“She was very straight down the line, whipped everything in place and made sure everything was running smoothly.

“She always made sure everyone was right before she was.

“She was always the maintenance person of the family.

“She was strong, selfless, even though she liked to be in control of things, it was mainly to control things so everyone else got the benefits instead of her.

“She was loving and caring.

“She was a really strong person, if you were to sum her up.”

Di had breast cancer in 2001 and had defeated it, before she had it again in 2013, which had led to her passing of secondary breast cancer of the brain at the end of August of last year, aged just 46.

Blayke said that Di’s passing hit him pretty hard.

“It was pretty hard, two weeks before that Dad’s mum passed away from that,” he said.

“At the same time, it was good that she was finally at peace.

“Rather than her living the way she didn’t want to live.”

However, Blayke remembered her doing her motherly duties the most, especially regarding chores.

“Probably her yelling at me to do stuff, because I never did anything when I was first told,” he said.

“She would always have a joke with you, always managed to crack a joke and turn something serious into something funny.

“She was always driving me around places when I didn’t have my license.

“She was always making sure she was looking out for other people before herself.

“On Sunday night at dinner, we went to Nana and Pops, and I said it’s weird not having Mum trying to direct everything and make sure everything’s 100 percent clean.”

On Mother’s Day, Blayke said it was handled as the family were always on their feet.

“It was good in a way because we did a lot of things so there wasn’t time to sit back and think about it too much,” he said.

“On the morning we did the Mother’s Day walk at Clonea Park.

“We went to Mum’s parents’ place for dinner, sat around the fire with all the family.

“The whole extended family were around the fire, around 25 people.

Blayke said that he misses that motherly connection.

“If I could speak to her, I’d say I miss her, I think about her all the time and I love her,” he said.

“I miss speaking to her about things, obviously I have Dad to talk to about things, but it’s your Mum, it’s a motherly connection.”